Your Identity Is The Answer You Have Been Seeking

Your Identity Is The Answer You Have Been Seeking

The Wednesday Word – April 29, 2015

Your Identity Is The Answer You

Have Been Seeking


One area I believe many of us struggle with is our own identity.

We can go our entire life doing everything for everyone else, performing roles that are not really in our calling, knowing we are completely miserable and still trying to smile on the outside.  All because we don’t really know who we are and what we are REALLY purposed to do here on earth.

We can pray daily, look for positive influences, attend personal development seminars, spend time with God, workout, achieve certain successes in life and never really KNOW ourselves on a deeper level.

Today….. we are going to talk about IDENTITY.

Let me express a story.  A Story I believed to be my identity for a long time, and now? This former identity has been burned and a new identity has been birthed!

You see… my parents raised me as a Jehovah Witness, a religion I do not agree with but I honor my parents cause it is what they believe.

To me…. I just don’t do religion….but I definitely can hang with our Father in Heaven.

There is a HUGE difference.

A relationship with our Heavenly Father is not religion….it’s love.

However….growing up I was still forced to follow organized religion and this identity carried with me most of my life.

My belief was that if I didn’t do everything right or everything perfect, my parents were not going to love me, and that God didn’t love me cause I could never measure up.

Not to mention that I didn’t have the best relationship with my Dad growing up. Never recall him say a simple, I love you.

The only time I got my earthly fathers attention was when I was doing well in sports or accomplishing something that made him proud.

Always found myself constantly trying to please everyone around me, and performing day in and day out…..unconsciously.

My mom used to always tell me that….one day you are going to burn out Caits.  And guess what…at age thiry…. first total burnout.

There I was…. constantly achieving goal after goal, success after success, accomplishment after accomplishment….never ever ever feeling satisfied.

Then at 30 years old, I found our Father in heaven on a more intimate level after burnout.

And even though I found Jesus in my heart, and allowed Him to fill me with His spirit… I still would struggle (at times) receiving a simple I love you.

Struggled most of my life with authority and men.  Something that has led to numerous failures over time in area’s of business because of my rebellion and unforgiveness.  Not just failures…but HUGE blow ups and never could figure out why…. until one day Jesus showed me love and forgiveness.

Talk about breakthrough.

The process of forgiveness is what led me to healing my relationships with the men and all area’s of my life.

But let me tell you….it wasn’t easy.  Unforgiveness crept back into my life numerous times and self sabotage would try to completely destroy all the hard work God did on my heart.

Spent gobs amount of time praying with people, receiving deliverance, getting baptized numerous times (which is something in the original Hebrew that the Jews did all year round.  They would cleanse themselves multiple times)  So needless to say….I too get baptized at least 1-2 times a year.  For me…I’m a BIG believer that ALL of us need to be cleansed spiritually about every 6 months.  Just to keep us moving successfully on our God given path.  Cause the truth is….when life gets in the way…it can also dirty up our hearts.  And it’s the pure heart that is able to live peacefully daily.

Now are there other things we can do to keep our hearts pure and our minds present….absolutely!  This is just a personal ritual.

But after all that said, here is the point you need to see.

Do you ever find yourself trying so hard to be someone you are not?

Do you find yourself following a dream in your heart, but boxing yourself into other peoples dreams?  Meaning you are thinking your dream needs to be fulfilled just like someone who has gone before you.  Maybe a mentor or a leader?

Are you in a place where you feel backed in a corner and you know in your knower that the only one who can get you out of this has GOT to be God?

Have you followed other peoples vision for so long that you are not even clear anymore on your own vision?

Have you felt like your identity is lying dormant, even though you are out there fighting for it daily?

Have you spent so much of your life making things happen for others but never truly following your own instincts to fulfill whats in your heart?

Do you feel that if you were to actually focus on yourself for once, it will make you feel uncomfortable or naked?

What if you stopped everything you were doing right now, looked at your life, took inventory …. what would you see?

Do you see regret?

Do you think you should be further ahead?

Are ticked off that you are not further ahead?

Are you burned out?

Can you stand with total confidence and shout outloud….


Could you do that with authority and mean it?

Listen…. if you are struggling with your identity….welcome to the club.

We all face things about ourselves that we like and that we do not like.

And often times they can be beliefs and unconscious habits from our past, not even realizing it is affecting our identity.

If you are in Christ Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah than you should stand in a new identity!

The old you is gone and the new you has been BIRTHED!

Your mother, father, religious doctrines, sickness, and a crappy past is not your identity…. HE is your identity.

He is your Father in heaven.

Your Identity Is The Answer You Have Been Seeking!

Listen…God has been showing me a sea of people who are HIGHLY talented and have a tremendous amount of skill sets, but many of them are capped, tapped, drained and exhausted.  They’ve spent all their money on accomplishing business ventures, traveling to event after event, setting goals in life but nothing really coming to fruition the way they saw it….. however now they are burned out.  They are out of money, feel like they are out of time, regret so many decisions, are depressed and really don’t know what the next step is.  And all they desire right now is love and support.

They’ve been on this journey fulfilling all these other ventures, and they haven’t truly stopped to understand their identity on a ‘deeper level’ (cause there are different levels as we grow), their calling, and who they are in Him.

I’m not saying that their life hasn’t happened for a reason…because IT HAS!

Many of you reading this right now have crazy amounts of skill sets.  Have the ability to accomplish so much….but you battle with your identity in Him and what you are called to do.

That if God truly opened a door right now….and I’m talking about THE DOOR….the door to your purpose, you are not sure what it would look like.  You have secretly struggled for so long …. that if your FATHER in heaven said, “Walk through that door of blessings”…. it may freak you out.

What would you do without having any problems, cause maybe problems have become your identity.  Or it may be that you have been there before…… success, glamour, an alter or whatever, and you still have a negative belief of going through the same hardships.

Listen to me!  You are in a different place!  This time is going to be radically different! You hear me 🙂

Often times the door He opens is a door where you will have to do some work.  Work you know how to do and don’t know how to do….but here is what stops you in your tracks.

What about all the finances this is going to take?  All the people needed to help you?  What will you do?  Can you really do this?  Can you really fulfill this dream in your heart you KNOW is from God?  Will the people closest to you support you?

FATHER….. I need YOU!!!!!

Is this what you cry out daily?  (Right there with you friend 🙂

Listen to me… and listen real close.

Your Identity Is The Answer You Have Been Seeking.

You have GOT to truly KNOW and STAND in who you are to not only accomplish your assignments, but to not let life knock you down for the count again.  You gotta rise up everytime you fall!

Though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again!

~Proverbs 24:16

This is something my spiritual brother told me and reminded me to do just a few nights ago.   And WOAH!  What happened was amazing!  I could see Jesus in my eye’s and in my soul.  Not that I haven’t felt Him before, but this time was different cause I’m different.  I am growing and when we grow, you see things differently.

Go look in the mirror when you are done reading this….. LOOK deep into your eye’s and tell me what you see.  Do you see all your mistakes of your past?  Do you pick yourself apart?  Or do you see a new creature in Christ?  Put on some worship music and just let His spirit dwell in you.  Don’t leave the mirror till you see Him.  Until He shows you that you are in Him and He is in you!

That you are not only forgiven… but you are loved, you are called and you are destined.

 I pray the Holy Spirit guides you and let’s it all hangout.  I pray you fall to the ground cause His love hits you so hard, not because you feel Him, but because you SEE that He is IN YOU and always has been.

Even the junk you are going through now, maybe you believe is hurting the future…. I can hear God say….. “Overruled”.

I am still going to bless my child.

Here is what I know your FATHER in Heaven wants you to know…. He wants you to know that HE LOVES YOU, and there is nothing you can do to change the course of your life…. IF you just keep your eye’s on Him, the truth in your heart and forgiveness at the forefront of your mind.

He is your Heavenly Father, not the Boogie-Man.

There’s nothing to hard for Him.  ~Jeremiah 32:27

He is not this boxed version of religion, that if you don’t do everything right you get dis-fellowshipped (which is what Jehovahs Witnesses believe)  They cast you out for not being perfect.  Nobody… I mean NOBODY can live a perfect life.

One day God knocked me over the top of my head to show me that I was trying so friggin hard for man…. and not working in excellence with Him.  ~Colossians 3:23

I spent every waking moment of my life ‘performing’ just to hear I love you from my earthly father, when I had a perfect Heavenly Father who loved me.

Who created you and me to claim our identity in Him.

But the solution…..the answer?

Your Identity Is The Answer You Have Been Seeking

You gotta know who you are NOW, and step into the NEW level He has for you!

You are not your past!

Today I challenge you to head to the mirror, and don’t look away until He shows you His spirit in you.

And remind yourself that He loves you, believes in you, walks side by side with you, and wants you to succeed.

All my burnouts in business, in past jobs, in relationships have ALL been because I never understood my identity on a deeper level.  My focus was on how I needed to perform, instead of just allowing His love to manifest in me daily.

If love truly covers all, which is His word.  ~1 Peter 4:8 …… then why don’t we allow His word to cover all our stuff!

Instead of thinking how we need to perform for man, let’s just allow our Father to love us for who He called us to BE.

This time don’t just say that you know He is in you, take the time to UNDERSTAND He is in you.

If you truly knew the power that resides within your spirit, (that I’m still understanding myself)….we would be unstoppable.

Your Identity Is The Answer You Have Been Seeking friend.

No more accepting less than what you are capable of doing and receiving!  

You have it in you to give and receive MORE!

Let Him show you.

You Can, You Will & You Must,

Caity Hunt

Don’t forget to bless a friend and share 🙂

Oh and comment below!

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Your Identity Is Your Breakthrough





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