Work With Me

Work With Me

If you hit a big thick 6 foot brick wall and you can’t see the light at the end of any tunnel.

Shoot…….. you may not even know where you are, or what the next step is in your business.

…… Listen to me

You need a BusinessĀ COACH šŸ™‚

Oh how I LOVE to shave off the learning curve for entrepreneurs, coaches and people looking to bring their spiritual life back in order.

Hiring a Business Coach or Spiritual Coach can radically change your life!

Had I not hired a mentor, I would not be where I am today.

So how can I help you?

If you are a struggling with time, systems, daily method of operation, sales, or anything that is preventing you from profiting or making money as a:

Home Business Owner

Brick & Mortar Business


Health & Fitness Business

Online Business

Caity has been there.

I know what it’s like to struggle in every area of my life as a wife, a mother, a business owner, an entrepreneur and I understand how critical it is to take care of your health.

I have experienced massive amounts of debt and teach simple principles you can apply, to pay off over $180k worth of Ā debt and how I became completely debt free!

I have helped companies go from 700k/year to 2.1 Million, consulted another companies profit centers fromĀ $1 Million a year to over $5 Million a year, generated MillionsĀ in personal product & training sales throughout her career, has negotiated 7 figure contracts, on top of helping the average Sally or Joe go from zero to making their first $3000 in business.

I have learned some tough lessons and am EXTREMELY passionate about helping people bypass the learning curve.

If you are struggling in your business and need help with gaining more exposure, getting more quality leads, make more money all while having peace and harmony in your home….. then Caity is your Coach!

If you desire to have it ALL and live the life you never thought possible, then Caity can show you the way!

Her favorite thing to do is speak life and show others that it’s possible to have a successful business, successful family life combined with a healthy bank account…. then look no further.

Her schedule is very busy and there is a client waiting list, so if you would like to schedule a time with her….. it’s limited but she is taking on a few ‘serious’ clients who are ready to go to the next level in life.


Caity Hunt, is a blessing in my life who just gives selflessly in everything she does. She is a determined business woman who doesn’t quit until she reaches her goals. She is fearless to the end. Nothing deters her. Professionally, spiritually or personally, she is the real deal.

I have seen her truly live her faith in everything she does. I know personally, every time I spend time with Caity my day is 100x better by what she teaches, shares and gives of herself. She knows her true vision from her God and selflessly follows it. Caity has reached a point in her business and herself that few are able to attain. She is in business to give and help others succeed, not make more money. Her mission and everything she takes on is so not about herself and her needs and desires but, truly of God and his vision for her.

Challenges fail to deter her. She works through everything that crosses her path in a most positive manner and still managing to show her true full of life personality and humor.

She realizes fun is part of business and she does this well.

She genuinely cares about everyone she meets. I knew from the start that Caity was someone that I had to meet and model my business and myself after. It was like God had dropped her in my lap at a desperate point in my life. I have never turned back.

My life and business has never grown as fast or as positively as it has since meeting Caity. As for her marketing and business finesse, she is the total package. She knows all angles of marketing online and offline, as well as how to build and sustain large businesses.

Anything she doesn’t know she will not only figure out but master. The sign of a true leader. She has transparency and integrity beyond reproach. Her rapport with audiences is incredible. I consider it an honor, pleasure and gift to have Caity in my life on so many levels.

~Gail Maslack – Marketing & Business Developer/Consultant

Caity Hunt is the most driven, effective, disciplined and caring leader I have ever had the privilege of working with. She has inspired me to do more and be more than I have ever dreamed of prior to her mentoring. She has had a powerful impact on my life as well as my business because of her dedication to leading by example. Besides her wisdom and results, I value Caity’s heart, which years for everyone’s breakthrough, no matter what goals they have in life. I am eternally grateful for her!

~Emily Guiffre – Author/Blogger/Marketing Expert

“Before I met Caity Hunt, I was truly confused on what I wanted out of life. I was struggling to find a mentor/leader that I connected with and trusted. Since working with Caity, I have had tremendous success in my business. Not only does she provide great leadership, she continues to provide support for everyone in our group. Caity is passionate about helping others and it definitely shows. She is such an inspiration to me! If you are considering working with Caity I would not wait another minute!”

Ashley Koshinski – Mompreneur

Choose which session that’s calling your name now and get in her schedule today!

If you are stuck in your life, there is a reason why. Sometimes it’s not what we think it is so people can struggle moving forward.

It’s important to find the root issue so you can remove it from the core.

Sometimes it’s a personal issue that’s keeping one from moving on and moving up.

Caity has walked through HUGE battles in marriage, parenting, business, personal, health and spiritual. But has conquered them all, and does not plan on stopping the cycle of growth!

She has a proven track record to help others breakthrough.

You will be shocked at what may be holding you back!

Apply below for a Free 30 Min Business Success Map Consultation (Valued @ $497)

Thanks so much for your interest in this complimentary 30 minute call! Due to the limited amount of slots per week, only qualified applicants will be contacted to receive an inviteĀ schedule time with Caity Hunt

Work With Me

Click here to apply for a Coaching SessionĀ <===

Caity has helped dozens of small and large businesses get off the ground and put systems in place that duplicate and bring harmony in the workplace.

She has also helped thousands of people breakthrough spiritually!

I look forward to working with you!

You Can, You Will And You Must!

I believe in you!

Caity Hunt

A New Level Of Belief



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