Walk In Heaven’s Boldness

Walk In Heaven’s Boldness

The Wednesday Word – July 29th, 2015

Walk In Heaven’s Boldness

Have you ever looked back at your life, seeing all you have accomplished and not accomplished and it really ticked you off?

You look at all the things you have achieved and think you should be much further ahead?

But it kind of ticks you off in a healthy way that stirs you to change something.

That’s exactly the ingredients we need to rise up out of our junk, and begin to build our dreams once and for all.

We have to get mad before we begin to change.

Today you need to know that it’s ok to Walk In Heaven’s Boldness.

Sometimes we can be intimidated by the authority given to us if we belong to Christ, but many of us do not use it enough.

We don’t truly walk in confidence the way God WANTS us to walk in confidence!

He wants us stepping, taking possession of the land and walking in authority.

He knows that if you walk in authority AND speak His truth everywhere you go…..you will be a billboard for heaven.  You will conquer everything in your path and this is how God wants you to be daily.

You don’t have to wait till you’ve done everything perfect, or have to perform good enough for God to give you boldness and authority.

You don’t have to be given permission from man, you only need to have Christ in your heart.  And His word says that you will do greater things than He.

This is how we Walk In Heaven’s Boldness.

I have a quick story about something I used to struggle with even though I’m a pretty bold person.

When I first received Jesus in my heart almost 7 years ago, it was the most exciting time in my life personally.  But everyone around me thought I was crazy.

The former Caity was a total party animal and couldn’t stand any religious people.  As a matter of fact, I made fun of religious people and completely judged them.  So when I accepted Jesus, most people laughed.

But as I began to grow in Christ…I became more and more bold.

However….when I got around people who were very successful, or who believed in things not of God…there was a bit of intimidation.

So I always felt I had to be careful about what I said around other successful people or they wouldn’t like me, or wouldn’t accept me.  Which is a total joke and lie!

Not only that….the bible says that the righteous are bold as a lion. ~Proverbs 28:1

AND God is a respector of nobody!  Do not look at anyone as an idol!  Successful people are no different than anyone else.

Successful people would rather you be truthful about who you are, then hide certain aspects about yourself just to be liked.  They like real people no matter what they believe.

And successful people do not become successful because they are judgmental. They become successful because they look past stuff that is a waste of their time.  They are more focused on producing results in their life, than worrying about what others think or believe.


The reason I am discussing this particular topic is because you can still Walk In Heaven’s Boldness without having to think you need to change people to your thinking.  Or you don’t need to behave a certain way in order for people to like you.

You can still be bold, lead by example and make a difference in any kind of community no matter what others believe.  It’s HOW you let God shine through you, not how you let yourself shine.  Don’t shine in your own strength.

Be yourself.  People would rather you be extremely truthful about what you believe, than say things only to have others like them.

Can’t tell you how many successful people I am around daily and this is something that has been stated many times.

They have even told me personally, Caity… I don’t always agree with you, but you are bold and you are who you are, and that is why I respect you.

You see…. people want to see you Walk In Heaven’s Boldness.

They are HUNGRY to witness Heaven whether they realize it or not.

And they will respect you more for being bold, than just saying the right things to be liked.

So do yourself a favor and anoint yourself daily with The Holy Spirit.  Ask His spirit to release a spirit of boldness over you.  Learn to speak truth in love not caring what others think.  You can be bold and speak in love at the same time.  It’s possible.

Remember that people will respect you for being who you are than trying to be somebody you are not.

The world wants to hear from the REAL you 🙂

You have been given this authority if you are in Christ.

This is the authority that will make you stand out of a crowd and have everyone looking at you.  Not because you look funny but because there is something peculiar about you.  Little do they know that it comes from heaven and is given freely to those who choose to receive it.

Walk In Heaven’s Boldness……and sprinkle that everywhere you go 🙂

Don’t let intimidation keep you from speaking the message God has put on your heart.  I see so many people who have this HUGE desire to do BIG things for God, but they don’t walk in their authority.  They may walk in the authority around people who have less knowledge than them, but they don’t walk in it around highly successful people.

Why is this?

Because they are intimidated by what others think.

And His word says that Fear of man will always prove to be a snare. ~Proverbs 29:25

Fear is not your friend….. Faith is your friend!

There is nothing to be afraid of…..BE who God called you to be!

You have got to stop worrying about what others think and Walk In Heaven’s Boldness!

God gave You the authority!

Let it all out!

You Can, You Will & You Must,

Caity Hunt

p.s.  You know what to do…..share if someone needs a message of boldness.

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