The Truth About Your Perception Of Success

The Truth About Your Perception Of Success

What’s so interesting is that when I look at my life….. I do feel so extremely blessed.

Cause first off I see myself as a Child of God first, a wife and a mom. My priorities go there FIRST!

I spend everyday being better in these departments than I do business.

And just the other day I found myself a bit upset…. my daughter began to pray for me and instantly my frustration went away.

I was so overjoyed cause she stepped up and comforted me without me saying a word.

THIS to me is SUCCESS!

Grooming my family to have a heart for people FIRST is success!

And this takes just as much work as it does building a business!

Grooming and equipping children is A LOT OF WORK!

But it’s what I strive for everyday!

However it used to be the opposite.

All I did was recruit and make money for businesses all day long, which I still do (And I’m learning to find the balance in both).

I made Health Clubs Millions of Dollars… I’ve negotiated huge contracts in my life… but none of it satisfied me. It just caused me more stress.

But when I changed my priorities I began to live a life of PEACE, not perfection but peace.

And I have been judged HARSHLY for following My God.

My character has been attacked sometimes daily.

I have people who go out of their way to slam me to the ground.

So there is JUST as much opposition following God as there is growing a business.

Cause many people talk about Him but they really don’t have a strong relationship with Him.

My perception of success is not seen the way others see it.

And that’s ok!

I’m not here to win battles or to prove anything.

You here to help those you are called to serve, just as He has called people to serve you.

I’ve impacted thousands of people throughout my life but I don’t focus on yesterday’s accomplishments. Nor do I care about what I have to prove in marketing. I haven’t marketed half the stuff I’ve done cause I never cared who saw it. I am the country girl who still wears ponytails everyday and plays sports! Something I am working on and getting better at though cause people are all about proof.

I focus on who I can help or minister to today!

And this is what life is about…. truly helping people out of major messes in their life.

I’m here to show you that a long life of peace along with financial prosperity is achievable.

And this journey will last a lifetime.

So if you are on the same journey, I encourage you to stay this course.

Be faithful in all the little things.

Added stress is not always worth it.

Harmony in your home is worth it!

My home is peaceful which is why I love being home.

That to me is far greater of an achievement (coming from someone who has struggled with fits of rage) than anything in the world.

But don’t get me wrong….. there are some things I MUST accomplish in business but it will not be in my strength. And it is going to take a team of people. There are 25 of us that have partnered together on this path. And we are looking for more who want to break free from the world and follow a life with passion!

Where we are weak…. He stands in and makes our path strong.

This to me is SUCCESS!

If you share the similar heart….or if you desire the same life of peace then let’s LOCK ARMS!

I can show you how to have a successful family life, be financially fit and have peace in your life all at the same time!

Don’t you believe it’s TIME for a bigger change?

Your decision starts HERE <====

I believe you hold the keys!

You CAN, You WILL & You MUST

Let’s lock arms and take it to the top!




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