The Gift Of Inconvenience

The Gift Of Inconvenience

I was on the plane coming home today after a humbling few weeks.

Taking time away from everything… even to pray and intercede for others spiritually which can be very exhausting at times.

When you pray for thousands of people, you take on other peoples battles, it can knock you down at times if you are not careful. Especially if one is not equipped or understands what spiritual warfare is in the first place.

But anyway, I was tired and not really wanting to do anything except let Hannah fall asleep in my lap, while I doze off with earbuds listening to worship music.

Plane is almost full…. I look over to my right seeing an open seat.

I’m thinking sweet….. Hannah will get to spread out and sleep.

Then this older gentleman comes walking with a cane down the isle. Of course he sits next to us.

Immediately my spirit felt this fresh anointing to pray.

As he tries to put his suitcase above us, he cannot lift his bag because he was weak.

So I grabbed his bag and placed it up top.

He was so thankful.

He sits down and introduces himself right away.

Then proceeds to tell me his story.

This guy has been through the ringer his entire life, and has faced some major cancer battles over the last couple years.

After talking for a bit, Hannah wanted to sleep and I needed to close my eyes and rest myself. So we did.

During that time the Holy Spirit started filling me with this new fresh wind to pray for this man and for Jesus to heal the rest of his body of cancer.

When I woke, I grabbed this man’s hand and said I need to pray for you right now because Jesus wants to heal you completely.

The gentleman began to weep.

After I prayed, I saw this fresh breath of life enter his body. His eye’s became clear and the excitement he had was so joyful to watch.

And even though I have witnessed many healing’s and miracles over the years, seeing this one truly brought me to tears.

Why am I sharing this?

Because…. no matter what we are facing in our own lives, sometimes God still wants us to move through The Gift Of Inconvenience.

Yes we may not be at our best to help another person, we may not be ready to take on the world to intercede for another all the time, we may not want to pray for some random stranger on a plane……but it’s the willingness to take action when we are still tired spiritually… that God moves with such might.

Sometimes I think this is on purpose to reveal that it’s ALWAYS in HIS strength.

However…. when I saw this gentleman become refreshed…. I too became refreshed again.

God ALWAYS knows what we need.

All He wants us to do is just be obedient and be a blessing everywhere all the time. He wants us to move in His presence and healing daily.

Not to prove some religious bull…. but to show His love all around the world every single day.

This man got a place ticket just 2 days prior, to see his family for a funeral he wanted to attend but couldn’t afford to fly or drive home. A friend blessed him with a one way ticket and another friend said he would drive him back home to florida. Did the gentleman’s friend pass away so he could board a plane last minute to receive prayer for his healing?

Like I said God always knows what we need, however I know everyone has their own opinions.

But even though we face are own battles in life, we can become refreshed when we too refresh others.

The Gift Of Inconvenience

As the plane was getting ready to land, the gentleman handed me a

quarter from Georgia cause this is where we is from, and a marble that

said “HUGS”.

This blessed me dearly.

We have a choice to be a blessing to others

at any moment of our day or life.

It’s a gift….. a gift called ‘inconvenience’

The Gift Of Inconvenience

Be a blessing today,




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