The Breakthrough Letter To God

The Breakthrough Letter To God

The Wednesday Word #TWW – April 1, 2015


The Breakthrough Letter To God

Have you ever been in a place or maybe you are in a place now where you feel like you have lost your identity?

As if you don’t even know who you are anymore?

Like you have been trying to change your identity in a positive way to be something bigger, accomplish new goals and build the life of your dreams but nothing has worked out?

You’ve spent hours, weeks, years studying and investing into yourself, trying to find this breakthrough but haven’t seemed to connect with it yet?

Have you felt or have felt that all you keep doing is falling flat on your face and you can’t really pin point why this keeps happening in your life?

Are you finding yourself so overwhelmed cause there is so much you want to do, but you keep procrastinating and not getting anything done?

Do you feel like you want to quit but your inner badass is screaming, “Keep going, you can do this!”

Hey…… listen up…….

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship and following your dreams.

Believe it or not this is all normal.

You are in a place….. that if you just take the time to find silence, you can get some radical answers and solutions.

However….. you may just be in a place where you are ignoring who you really are and what you represent.

Maybe you have been trying to fit into a category that wasn’t your ‘category’ to fit into in the first place.

Maybe you have gone in all these different directions to bring you back to your first love in your career or life.

Maybe you have learned all these new skill sets or have invested all this time to REALLY do what you want to do with your life for your family.

Maybe it’s time to rise higher than you never thought possible cause you truly are ready.

Maybe it’s time you listened to your heart and decide to get ‘all in’ with everything you want to accomplish.

Let me ask you something.

What are you passionate about?

What could you talk about for days?

What do people tell you over and over you are good at?

What was your first love in your career?

Do you think about a specific topic or idea and it always pops up in your life over and over again?

Does it overwhelm you but excite you at the same time? (this right here is a sign that you are called to it)

Maybe you need a birds eye view so you can SEE the truth of where you are awesome, or what problems you believe you are called to solve in the world.

Maybe this is God’s way of saying…. HELLO!….. I have something much bigger for you but I need you to let go of that other thing cause it’s not working.  It’s not working cause I have not called you to it.

Now I’m not saying to quit on anything you are working on, but I am saying that if you have felt these frustrations and you feel like you are drowning, you have GOT to get to the bottom of the answer so you can breathe again.

Maybe you need to bring more of your personality into what you are doing instead of following the status quo!


Maybe God is opening the door for you to go back to something you once loved with all your heart in your career.

Maybe you need to STOP doing what you don’t want to do, and FINALLY honor yourself with doing what you DO want to do in your life.

Maybe He is saying, Hey…… follow the path of your heart instead of just trying to make ends meet financially, and watch what He does in your life.

I don’t know where you are but I do know that I have struggled with this same mountain.

And it’s not just an ordinary mountain…. it’s REAL and these kinds of frustrations or obstacles can emotionally drain your everyday life if you let it.

What do you love?

What do you miss?

What do you need to let go of but struggle giving yourself permission?

Listen…… God doesn’t want you all over the place.  He wants you living a life of peace, …….not perfection, but peace.

He wants you to have MORE than enough, but sometimes we need to get clear on where we need to be in our lives.

So today I encourage you to do something that can radically change your life.

I started something a year ago that has impacted me greatly.

I started a God Box.

The God Box

And ever since I started this box of writing letters….. MAJOR things have shifted.

There really has been an avalanche of breakthroughs!

There is even MORE purpose and strategic decisions that are financially blessing my family.

The Breakthrough Letter To God

Don’t get me wrong….. I’ve been through some challenging things in 2014 but He saw me through every single one, and completely showed off along the way.  Not because I’m a perfect Poliana. OMG….that is so far from the truth.  I’m wild, crazy, test boundaries and get corrected often!

God showed off in my life because I sought Him in every way possible.  I wouldn’t leave the throne room until He moved.

But reality check time – you can’t spend all day in prayer.  Eventually you gotta get to work.  So that is when I started to write these letters.

I would simply write a letter…..then I would let it go and give it to Him.

I wouldn’t worry, fret or stress….. I would simply just trust Him in the area’s that seemed out of my control and lay it down at the alter.

Which is why I am encouraging you to write letters to Him 🙂


The Breakthrough Letter To God

Here are your 5 steps:

1.  Get out a pen and paper

2.  Find a quiet area that can help you get in touch with your spirit and maybe put on some music you enjoy that brings harmony to your soul

3.  Ask The Holy Spirit to ‘anoint’ your words and everything you want to pour out of your heart to God

4.  Listen and Write

5.  For good measure: Find someone to pray in agreement with who has a similar dream or goal in life.  Not only is this where 2 or 3 agrees, but it’s where 2 agrees & releases over each other for the same thing! It’s powerful and I’ve watched God radically move in peoples lives by doing this one simple act.


This letter or letters you are about to write may not solve all your problems over night, but what you are doing is an act of FAITH.  And God is moved by your faith!

It’s FAITH to write a letter to Him, TRUSTING He is going to either give you an answer, guide your steps and provide all the solutions you need in your life.

It’s FAITH to say God…. “I can’t do this anymore, I’m handing it over to you cause I’m out of resources”  Forgive me for trying to build my dreams in my own strength.

It’s FAITH to ‘let go’ and let Him step in.

This one act of faith can open up so many doors in your life, if you take the time to listen and speak from your heart.

Look…..God desires a relationship with you, not just everyone else……

……..He wants to hear from YOU!

Won’t you open up your heart and let it rip?

This could be The Breakthrough Letter To God that can shift your entire atmostphere.

I bet if you genuinely take the time to write a letter, He will SHOCK you!


Keep following your dreams!


You Can, You Will & You Must!

Caity Hunt


p.s. If this blessed you please do me a HUGE favor and share 🙂  You never know who this will help at the exact time they need it!


The Breakthrough Letter To God










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