Show Me The Money God

Show Me The Money God

The Wednesday Word – August 26th, 2015

Show Me The Money God


Today I have a quick word and the subject is about money.

Are you cringing yet? ūüôā

This subject is not a popular subject, most people take extreme offense about their own money. ¬†And I’ve said this many times before, most people are scared of their own money.

Look….I used to have major money issues. ¬†And am still growing my business to make it’s first 7 figures online…and let me tell you…it’s work.

To make that kind of money doesn’t happen over night. ¬†And it will take an intense amount of investment to make it.

The average business owner or entrepeneur who makes 7 figures, have spent an average of $100k-$250k or more just to make 7 figures.

They recognize that you must invest heavily in order to reap heavily.

When I used to run health clubs, investors would have me make huge buying decisions.  But they trusted me, cause they knew I would do the work to make back their investments.  In many cases I would help them go from investing hundreds of thousands to returning millions back to their bank accounts.

When I stepped out as a full time entrepreneur… freaked me out to think about investing that kind of income. ¬†My mindset needed a lot of personal development and a lot of growing if I wanted to make those kinds of business decisions.

Over the past couple of months working with clients, money has been a BIG subject with every single one.

Many of my clients have invested a tremendous amount of money into other business ventures.  And now they want to build something online geared more towards their passion.  Well building your own platform online takes much time and investment.

I could literally hear the fear rise up in their voice, because they know they must invest more money, in order to truly build a business for the long term.

Why does money do this to our spirits?

Why does it send us over the edge?

I’ll tell you why….because we tend to put our hope in the natural more than we do the supernatural.

Friend…. you cannot be afraid to invest into your own vision!

If money controls your life, then you will never fulfill everything God wants you to accomplish here on earth.

If you had the money to invest in all the other business ventures that didn’t work, you have the money to invest in the one business that will actually take you to your purpose.

And let me state for the record.  It has taken me years to have a healthier relationship with money.  Even that word used to make me angry and defensive.

These days I look at money as a tool.

When you change this mindset, it changes everything!

It will no longer rule your emotions.

All I do is lay out the numbers for my next project. ¬†Figure out the costs… then go to God and say….Hey…show me what I can do to make this plan happen. ¬†And BAM! ¬†Every time…. the Holy Spirit shows me what to do.

Show Me The Money God

Did you catch that?

The Holy Spirit shows me what to do. ¬†That means I have work to do, in order to make the PLAN happen. ¬†God’s word says…those that plan prosper.

It’s how I have gotten this far in business as an entrepreneur.

But know that it wasn’t that simple for me in the beginning. ¬†I’ve had to take the time and develop a relationship WITH God to be confident in hearing His voice.

I’ve had to take the time to understand His Laws on money and screw up over and over and over and over again to finally begin making consistent progress.

I posted something on FB about money, and I had numerous people inboxing me. ¬†Asking….. Caity…I’ve been struggling so much with money. ¬†Can you help me? ¬†I don’t know what gives. ¬†I don’t know why God is keeping money from me. ¬†I work so hard in my business and can’t seem to get ahead.

Many of you have been DEEPLY DESIRING to do big things with God,  But nothing is happening, and you are past frustrated.  You are ticked!

The reason?

Money has been the excuse. And it’s been the excuse for WAY too long, that now He is making you face it, whether you like it or not.

Listen He needs you all grown up in the money department. You have past the expiration date of maturity in this arena. No more temper tantrums….. Pull up your britches. He is bigger than your mess right now!


Can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted on various different business decisions. ¬†But I’ve never let it stop me from building my vision. ¬†Never once did I think I was going to quit even though I’ve had really bad days.

And then when I would finally stop to build exactly what God was showing me to do…. All of a sudden I would begin to question if God could really make it financially happen.

What a joke!

And what an insult to Him!

But you know what?

Every time I’ve said yes to what He wanted, the money always showed up, the strategy to make it showed up OR I got my ass into high gear and made it myself!

God will not lay it in your lap, but He will give you the strategies to make it happen!

Listen….this year alone I’ve invested more than what an entrepreneur makes in 3 years. And every cent was paid CASH!

Why is that?

Because I said yes to Him!

Don’t make the mistake of spending thousands of dollars on a bunch of other business ideas that didn’t work, and say no to the platform He wants you to build!

It’s an insult to you, to Him and the people He has called you to help!

He will make it happen WITH you, the moment you get over your money excuses!

He is growing your faith in the financial department!

Either pass the test or stay broke.

He is really pushing you outside your comfort zone! For real this time.

Jump and build your wings on the way down!

Better yet….. if you are an Business Owner, have a Home Business, someone who wants to take their business online, want to grow your audience, have a desire to make an impact with your message and ready to truly build something of your own….. fill out this application to work with me. ¬†I’m taking qualified candidates who want to grow their businesses online and gain a more strategic marketing for their businesses. ¬†APPLY HERE or click the image below for a Free 30 Minute Business Consultation for those who qualify. ¬†**Do not fill out this application if you do not have money to invest into your business**

Work With Me

The fall is the best time to grow any business.

If you are struggling in the money department, it’s time to be healed for good!

Let’s ask together…..Show Me The Money God

Listen…. this isn’t a lottery message…. this is finding your voice, getting clear with your message, and finally building your business the right way.

You are going to have to start thinking like an investor in order to reap like an investor.

I believe you can!

Your money challenges can be OVER starting now, if you begin surrounding yourself with mentors who will show you the way.

You got this!

Standing in faith with you,

Caity Hunt

p.s.  Know someone who needs a breakthrough with money?  Share this message

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