Rise Above The Fog

Rise Above The Fog

Welcome to the first week of

‘The Wednesday Word’

Every week I will be sending a word I believe is relevant to

where we all are or have been and how to overcome.

I’m truly excited about bringing this to you weekly, and as

I sat down to think about what it is we need regularly….it hit


What we need is WISDOM!

Sometimes what we need is just a word of knowledge to keep

going while we are pursuing our dreams.

Sometimes we just need someone to reach out their hand and

say, ‘Hey…you got this….you are just in a fog and this too shall pass’

The WORD for today is – Rise Above The Fog

Have you ever felt like you were in a fog and couldn’t see

past the clouds?

As if you had this dream or vision but you can’t put all the pieces


Or maybe you know exactly what you want to do but you don’t

know HOW to Rise Above The Fog?

I don’t know about you but I have been here sooooo many times!

More times than I want to admit.

Sometimes the fog has led to major bouts of depression never

knowing if I was going to snap out of it or not.

But the truth is….we all need direction, guidance, accountability,

encouragement, love, support and wisdom.

Although…. many of us do not receive this from others while on

our pursuit for freedom, this is what motivated me to start this

weekly word.

Friend let me encourage you.

Sometimes it’s just fog, and on the other side of fog is clarity.

Look….. on our way to following and building our dreams & life, so much

crap will get thrown at us.

Rejection, criticism, judgement, loss of relationships, condemnation,

pain, torture and a host of all kinds of emotions.

And these emotions are real.

They can hurt you for a lifetime IF you let it.

So one of the first things to do when you face life’s crap and things get

foggy is to look at what you CAN do and not what you CAN’T.

And this will take a conscious effort, especially if you are someone

who is more emotional than others.

Let me just say that I used to really struggle with fits of rage and anger,

so I know first hand what it’s like to feel ticked off at the world.

I had to make a mindful effort of changing my habits.

It took me thousands and thousands of dollars paying coaches

and mentors to help my jacked up ass.

Lord knows I needed major help but what’s awesome is that

I’ve been able to overcome a lot.

I went from unemployment, to numerous broken businesses,

a bad marriage, 180k worth of debt and nervous breakdowns

to a thriving successful business, a restored marriage, we are

now completely DEBT FREE, traveling the world and I

laugh more than ever.

What was the difference?

What did I do that created this change?

I began to FOCUS on what I could do and not what I couldn’t.

I still have to do this.

When I get in a foggy funk, it’s because I’m not focusing on

what I can do.

So today let me encourage you.

It’s ok to be in a funk.

Even if it lasts for years, cause there was a time I was in a funk

for months and sometimes years.

Just don’t let that become your identity.

You got everything it takes to Rise Above The Fog and focus

on what you CAN do.

Even if it’s just reaching out to tell someone else that you believe

in them, THIS is a start.

You have GOT to start somewhere.

Who do you need to call and tell them you love them or

ask for forgiveness?

What emails do you need to return?

Who do you need to reach out to for help?

Maybe you need to hire a coach or mentor to get your

through this next season.

If that’s the case then GO HERE and check this out.  Fill

out the questionnaire on that page and let’s do this thing!

Or maybe you just need to start making better food choices

and take care of your health.

Often times when we are growing we need guidance everyday,

so our bank accounts and heart reflect our growth.

I want you to know that you CAN Rise Above The Fog.

You Can, You Will & You Must!

I believe in you,


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Rise Above The Fog



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