Ready For Your Heart To Be Healed For Good?

Ready For Your Heart To Be Healed For Good?

The Wednesday Word – May 27th, 2015

Ready For Your Heart To Be Healed For Good?


Today’s topic can either encourage you to click through or read through, you’ll know right away just by the heading of this message.

Cause the truth is, many of us struggle with our hearts being in the wrong place but desiring it to feel right.

And the more I talk to and coach people, the more I recognize that it’s our hearts that need to be healed.  Not just our finances, not just our businesses, not just our families, not just our relationships, not just our health but our hearts.

Many people are walking around with their hearts still hurting from the past, or even with what we are currently dealing with at the moment.  Maybe old wounds keep rising in our hearts and causing us to take a few steps back.  Or maybe fall back into old emotional battles we have within ourselves, and the result is not moving us forward, instead keeping us in a victim mindset.

And a victim mindset is something that is real sneaky.  We can make up justified stories in our minds that keep us from moving forward.  It can be because of what others have done to us, or it can be a trust issue, or it can be a moment in our past where people have treated us like crap.  It can be an any old wound.  And we fall into emotional pain that reminds us in our hearts, that we are hurt.  So therefore, we don’t move forward.  If we are not careful, we can take on sickness in our body and can be exhausted daily.  Or we will always be stuck, and life will seem like a merry-go-round in our relationships, business, finances, marriage and spiritually.

And listen….. a broken heart never moves forward.  The only way to truly live out your life in a healthy way, is to receive a new heart!

So are Ready For Your Heart To Be Healed For Good so you can move on and start getting results with your life again?

Ok good because life is way too precious to be holding onto hurt.

And just last night as I was consecrating myself to The Lord ‘again’ in a body of water, cleansing myself spiritually by baptizing myself,…. this is what I heard from the holy spirit.  “I cannot heal your heart, But I can give you a new one”

You might be thinking….can you baptize yourself?

The answer is yes you can.

If you read throughout the bible, it was practiced many times throughout the year.  Especially around the time of Shavuot (which many refer to as Pentecost).  Shavuot is the time when the Holy Spirit was sent 50 days after Passover (when Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins)

It’s a time to spend in the water (bath, ocean, pool) and repent of all your sins.  Rededicate your heart to the God of Israel.  The Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  It’s a time to remind yourself of all the promises God has for you if we keep our hearts clean and truly for Him.  It’s a time to receive the fire of the holy spirit!

Not because we are perfect, not because we are super uper duper spiritual people that are righteous.  No it’s because we are unrighteous and need to keep our hearts pure.

Create in me a pure heart O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.  ~Psalm 51:10

You see… when we have a clean heart, Jesus can truly show you a whole new life of freedom.

But when I was baptizing myself yesterday, the holy spirit revealed to me that when you truly dedicate your heart to God, He doesn’t heal your heart.  However… He will give you a new one.

This completely made me stop and meditate for hours.

Cause one of the things in my life is that I’ve been hurt by a lot of people.  Not just hurt, but downright betrayed.  And even though I have forgiven them many many times, I’ve still found myself occasionally allowing this to rise up in my life at times when I’m truly wanting to move forward in big ways.  It’s something that I’ll deal with on my own, and I will make progress, but I would question why old hurts would come back to the surface.

I mean…. I’ve spent years bringing people to Jesus, loving people, helping people and experiencing a lot of success….however…. when I would want to take BIG leaps…. someone will come out of the blue and try to hurt me.

It can be frustrating.  And then I would ask myself.  Why does this still bother me?  Why do I still let people hurt me?  Why do I, at times, still receive other peoples crap?

And then it hit me in my spirit when I was baptizing myself.

I heard, “Because I cannot heal your heart, I can only give you a new one”

I said to myself…. I thought I did have a new heart?

Then I heard, “Then why do you allow it to still get hurt?”

Immediately I thought, “Ok girl… this has got to go….time to grow again sister”

I don’t want any remance of an old heart.  I want a brand new heart.

I want a heart so full of Jesus’s love and light to shine in me so bright, that people can’t deny that The Messiah lives in me.

So today I want to ask you?

Are you Ready For Your Heart To Be Healed For Good?

Are you ready to truly move forward in your life?

And I don’t mean that you walk through forgiveness, feel good for a few weeks and then you are falling right back into emotional pain from the past.

I’m talking about being healed in your heart for good?

So much so that even those closest to you cannot mess with your heart.

You will NOT receive their junk.

You will have a hedge of protection so strong around you, nothing can penetrate your heart unless it is from heaven.

Are you ready for this kind of new heart?

A Fort Knox Heart? lol!

Well I’m going to walk you through some steps with prayer that can radically shift your life if you receive it.

Today is the day where wounds cannot hurt you anymore from your past or your present.  Today is the day that you put a stop to emotional breakdowns that keep you stuck in a cycle of pain.  Today is the day you are set free!

1.  The Secret Place – Did you know that you had a secret place just with you and God?  Did you know that this place is a place for you to be filled up so much with His spirit, that when you come out of prayer, you can conquer anything that day.  Well there is a place just between you and God.  And today you have permission to release yourself there.  Ask Him, God…. where is my secret place with you?  Ask the holy spirit to show you.  Be quiet, listen and let Him take your spirit to that place.

2.  Hedge Of Protection – Ask for a hedge of protection to surround you before you begin talking with God.  Ask that every assignment of the enemy to be broken, and that angels protect your intimate time with God.  Break off every hinderance that can keep you from receiving His spirit and His words over your life. In Jesus Name

3.  Confession –  Now it’s confession time with God.  Let your heart pour out to Him.  Let Him know all your struggles (cause He already does).  Confess to Him all your pain, hurt, unforgiveness, grief, anger, bitterness or emotion that is reoccurring in your life.  Confess it all.  Ask for forgiveness to set yourself free even if others don’t deserve it.  Ask Him to cover you in the blood of Jesus.  Ask for the blood to speak on your behalf.  Meaning:  You may not be perfect but the blood of Jesus is perfect.  When the blood speaks for you, and you are covered in the blood….it’s a done deal baby.  God so has your back!

4.  Heaven’s Heart –  His word says to loose on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 18:18).  In heaven there is no sickness, in heaven there is no pain, in heaven….everyone has a new heart.  So ask the Holy Spirit to loose on earth as it is in heaven for your life.  Ask for heaven’s heart, Gods heart….. to replace your heart with a new one.

5.  The Blood – Seal all of this in the blood of Jesus.

These 5 simple steps can create in you a new heart and set you free to truly live out all God has purposed for your life.

His desire for you is to be happy not miserable!

His desire for you is to be free in your spirit!

His desire for you is for you to know how much you are loved!

His desire for you is to receive an avalanche of all the blessings he has for you!

So today I encourage you to receive this word and act on it.

Chains will literally break.

Webs will be untangled.

A new heart will begin to beat.

And you WILL be set on a path of restoration!

Today is your day to receive a new heart.

You Ready For Your Heart To Be Healed For Good?

Let go, let God and TRUST!

You Can, You Will & You Must!

With Heaven’s Love,

Caity Hunt

p.s.  If this blessed you, please comment your thoughts below and share this post!


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