One idea can make you a Millionaire

One idea can make you a Millionaire

Have you ever heard the saying “One idea can make you a Millionaire?”

(I’ve heard it from several millionaire’s but one I truly admire, his name is Vick Streizhaus, so I must give him credit where credit is due.)

It’s funny cause it’s a true story and this idea has the potential to lead all of us becoming Millionaire’s together!

Teamwork makes the DREAM work, as one of my mentors Tracey Walker always says and who I deeply respect.

And you’ll just never understand the POWER of a team until you lock arms with us 😉

But this all happened when we all got together as a team in Charlotte, NC.

A lot can happen at a mastermind when creative minds gather together, and if you are one who wants to have a leadership position on this team, then check out our latest hangout.

Now…. Back to the story…..

All of us where actually sitting in the dining room

of our hotel, mastermind-ing over coffee about

all the different things we had done and been
through in the home business industry up to that


I don’t know how it got started, but after a few
memories of how we persisted no matter what,
even after some terribly painful experiences,
we joked about how we all have this “addiction”
to the home business industry. That we all needed
“help” and a “support group.” We started laughing

and we blurted out ……

“Home Business Anonymous!”

But then we all sat up…gosh darn it! We DO
need a support group for people who are struggling

in their home business!

But not to help “cure” their “addiction” but to give them
a 12 step program that will actually help them succeed!!
Like get REAL sales and recruit REAL reps! Help them

recover their business and the hope they may have lost!

Because Lord knows, we all have struggled tremendously
in our businesses and we’ve had enough of the fluff, and
have fought tooth and nail to get where we are now. Wouldn’t
it be nice to have a SIMPLE 12 Step System to get people
on the right track FROM THE BEGINNING to avoid the

unnecessary pain we had to go through???

We immediately put the idea into place and Voila!

(Check it out here)

Just like that a Million Dollar Idea can pop up out of nowhere and

if you follow your instincts and take massive action you just never know what will happen!

I truly believe that we are all sitting on massively creative ideas but we aren’t doing anything about it.

I encourage everyone that if you have an idea, run with it!

There is never failure in taking action, there is only feedback!

You need failures to teach you, to grow you and to push you far greater than you can ever thought possible.

And when you have a team encouraging you, supporting you and keeping you accountable…. this is where dreams come true!

It takes work…… but dreams are worth it!

So friend, I don’t know where you are in your business
right now. Maybe you’ve got it all taken care of. Maybe you’re
making as much income as you want. Maybe your life is completely
on track to where you want to go. Maybe you’re satisfied with
where you are. But if you want to be DONE with the crap involved
with the industry and want clear, cut, simple, defined, steps
to follow to explode your business with a support group to cheer

you on while you do it, then WATCH THE LATEST REPLAY,

and just get started.

Just get started….and stop being a wussy.

Now…..Repeat after me…..

“Hi, my name is name, and I am no longer a wussy or
addicted to shiny objects.”


I’ll see you on the other side….

Takin to the top,

Caity Hunt

Your Visionary Leader

“Where we rise above the noise and no-one
gets left behind”



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