It Is Time To Claim Your Calling

It Is Time To Claim Your Calling

The Wednesday Word – May 20, 2015

It Is Time To Claim Your Calling


Here I am the night before delivering this message, sitting at my desk in dead silence, writing this blog post very last minute.

Normally when I’m in prayer each week, God gives me a specific word to deliver to you by Sunday or Monday.

But since I’ve been really focused on launching some new websites and coaching other clients, my mind has been a little distracted.

However….. as soon as I sat down to pray for you, to hear what God wants to speak this week in The Wednesday Word…..instantly I heard…. It Is Time To Claim Your Calling.  And my hands began to type exactly what I hear The Holy Spirit saying.

You are a “Gift Given” for those who truly know you.

I want to share with you something that my spiritual brother Michael wrote me for my ordination last year, and I truly believe you can claim this word for yourself.

As you enter into this New Season in your life I can hear God say: “this is the hour for which you were created to shine My Light to All of Those Around You.  Today as you embark on yet another part of your journey with Me.  There are places that you will go to and people in authority that you will speak and minister to whom others cannot because of how He created you”

“Spread your wings and soar over the mountaintops and throughout the valleys.  Change the color of the world and you paint your own canvas for all to see.  Never let man take away from you what God has given and placed inside – You have what we and others need”

This word is so special for this time cause there are so many people out there right now struggling, and I hear God say:  It Is Time To Claim Your Calling.

If you step out for Me, if you keep taking faith steps, if you keep surrendering to My Will….. what I have for you is HUGE!

It is here and you can claim your calling!

God wants to move even mightier in your life.

Yes you will have to do some work, you may have to take some risks, it may be that you need to focus on restoring relationships, a business, a job or maybe your finances.

But I truly feel in my spirit that many of you are faced with a decision that can better your financial situation, or give you the courage to follow your hearts desire in a bigger way.

What you have done in the past has begun to dry up and now God wants to bring something new to you.

I see and hear many people who are frustrated that they are not further ahead, or maybe they desire to do something soooo big, they feel like people are holding them back.

Listen….nobody is holding you back.  Not even God.

You are limiting yourself, not God.  (ouch)  I know that hurt….but nice people tell you nice things.  Kind people tell you the truth.

He says, “It Is Time To Claim Your Calling

All your frustrations are not because you think you need a bigger story or more money…. your frustrations are because you are not feeding the dream in your heart.  The focus needs to be on the dream, not the money.

You have to FEED the DREAM!

Your dream is starving for MORE!

You are letting it lay there…..and you are staring at it every single day…..IT NEEDS OXYGEN AND FOOD!

God has used you, He has spoken to you, He has proved Himself in your life and you are righteously mad cause the next level is here and you are not moving.

Well….God says move!

As a matter of fact…I believe He is pushing you into zones that are so uncomfortable, you are building up a steam full of boldness!

And the boldness may be coming off as rude but it’s not… what it is…. He is redefining a new level of boldness.  Teaching you how to harness this righteous anger.  Cause when you get ready to blow!  It’s going to blow up like a volcano!

He is NOT going to let you lay around just staring at your dreams!

He is going to give you all the strength, all the endurance, all the resources, and all the relationships you need to make things happen!

It Is Time To Claim Your Calling!

Friend….here me out!  Picture your dreams in your mind right now.  Take a moment to feel your dreams.

Now that you have that feeling… I want you to honestly ask yourself this question.

Am I ready to step into everything God has called me to do?

Your first answer is your answer!

If it’s a quick yes….then this word is for you!

You know it is 😉

If it’s no cause you sense uncertainty….ask God to show you if you are ready.

I believe that we will never ‘feel’ ready, but dammit….. God will equip those who are called along the way.

You got everything it takes, your only job is to trust.

When you trust it gives God the ability to use you in mighty ways.

You have got to repeat this outloud to yourself and scream it if you have to:  I hear the Holy Spirit say; God is with you.  God is with you!  God is with you!  GOD is with YOU!

Now say it outloud:  God is with ME!

He is with you friend!

He believes in you!

He is standing with YOU!

You didn’t design you, He did!  And He wouldn’t of created you if He didn’t believe you had everything it took, to live out your purposed driven life.

Todays word is a short word but it’s straight to the point.

It Is Time To Claim Your Calling!

It’s time to rise past what others think.

And I’m not just talking about your family members or others close to you, I’m talking about rising above your peers.

This word is only for a few reading this….but God says, You will rise past your peers IF you step into the HIGHER calling He has ordained for your life.

You have stepped in big ways, but it’s time to go bigger.  So big that you won’t be able to back away from the momentum if you tried.

He will fuel you with so much anointing, it will give you endurance that will last for years.

He means business right now, and your name is written in the books!

Are you ready to claim your calling?

It’s so time friend!

It is so TIME!

You are a delight to the Father’s heart.

He knows and He knows and He knows you can do it!

It Is Time To Claim Your Calling

You Can, You Will & You Must,

Caity Hunt

p.s.  Do you know someone that needs this word?  Be a blessing and share!  Oh and don’t forget to comment below 🙂

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It Is Time To Claim Your Calling

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