How One Decision Can Bless Your Life

How One Decision Can Bless Your Life

The Wednesday Word May 13, 2015

How One Decision Can Bless Your Life


It was a Sunday morning, one year ago, laying in bed dreaming with God.

For the last several months I was going back and forth in my mind to whether or not I should become Ordained as a Minister.

Two of my spiritual brothers brought it to my attention, and at first I cried cause I was so honored, but then another part of me freaked out.

They said, “Caity… God says you are ready”

I mean… who the heck am I to become an ordained minister?

Yes… I know just about anyone can become one these days.  Shoot all you gotta do is go online and take a test and viola.. you are a minister.

But for me…. it was a big decision.

Something I took very seriously and still take very seriously.

Because ….. when you are promoted by man it’s one thing.  But when God wants to promote you, it’s a whole nother ball game.

Exciting yes, but yet still…. wasn’t sure how this was all going to look.

Did this mean more responsibility?

Was I going to be held more accountable?

Is there going to be more spiritual warfare?

What if I fail?

What if I backslide?

So many questions were going through my head.

But then…. that Sunday morning….just basking in the Holy Spirit…. I hear God say, “Go on the computer and get an airline ticket to Los Angelos” (which is where I was to be ordained.)

Thought to myself, I have been looking for flights, but they were all $1500,…… and I didn’t want to spend that much on a ticket.

But I obeyed what He said, and wouldn’t ya know it…….saw one ticket left for $450.

Immediately I called one of my spiritual brothers Hunter and said, “I’m coming out there… I’ll be there Friday”

He said, (and I paraphrase) “Caity…. this is the best decision.  God is going to blow you away.  This is awesome”

So just that quick, I made a decision to say Yes to God.

I felt Him drawing me closer and closer to my calling.

And truthfully… when I found out that legally….. Ministers could be called upon in emergency situations.  I raised my hand and said… YES… that’s me.  Call upon me to help as a minister so I can be there to pray for anyone. Or if a family member is dying… I can be by their beside to bang on heavens door for a radical miracle.

Often times ministers are sought out in hospital settings.  And if I’m ever in a situation where I can help, I want to be able to help.  So this right here was one of my main motivations to saying yes to being Ordained.

It’s so crazy How One Decision Can Bless Your Life!

Because when I finally flew in to LA that week…. I had people I didn’t even know show up at my ordination just to pray over me, bless me, anoint me, and declare more authority in my life.

It was so wild!

I mean… people I didn’t even know (and some of course I did know), ordained me as a minister.  Some drove over 300 miles cause God told them to…..which is so crazy!

Who does that?

And that weekend was so powerful.

How One Decision Can Bless Your Life

That weekend there happened to be a lot of prayer requests.  I always get prayer requests but that week was people calling me with life and death situations.  There was one man we prayed over who died 3 times on the operating table, and he completely came back to life.  2 months later I was in his home town, and he asked me to baptize him.

Now this was all done over the phone, but the fresh anointing on myself and others praying through the phone over that guy, truly was the reason he was healed.

It was so incredibly awesome to witness a man who did not have a relationship with The Lord.  Jesus saves him on the operating table, and 2 months later he dedicates his heart to our Father in Heaven.

My eye’s tear up with joy thinking about this story.

This truly is How One Decision Can Bless Your Life.

What if I would of said no to being Ordained.

Would I have been prepared to be there for Jesus when He showed me to pray for a man dying on the operating table?

Yea myself and other anointed people I was with, could of prayed for him without being ordained, but was it the fresh anointing?

What if I was still lying there on a Sunday morning and said no to coming to LA?

What if I would of listened to intimidation and not to God?

I had every excuse to say no.

I’m just a country girl, with a crappy past doing nothing but stupid stuff.  Causing trouble, getting drunk, sleeping around and having no direction in my life except for being an athlete.

And one day 5 years ago, God said… Let’s take this one and clean her up.

Let’s do heart surgery on her, give her fresh eye’s and a fresh mind.

Let’s light her on fire in the spirit so she becomes on Fire for Me.

And baby…. when God put His spirit in you….. lookout!

It still blows my mind away how far I’ve come with God.

It still blows my mind away that I’m an ordained minister.

It still blows my mind away that He believes in me and trusts me to fulfill my life’s purpose.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still not perfect.

I have to repent daily a lot.

I get corrected a lot!

I get frustrated just like any other human being doing there best to change for the good.

I still have moments where I blow up.

But all in all….. making this one decision radically changed my life.

And the reason I am sharing this story today is because of this one reason.










What decision are you holding back on that you know in your spirit there is a blessing on the other side?

And it might be a decision that’s very difficult to make.  It may be something near and dear to your heart and it may have you questioning everything.

Is there something you know you are supposed to do?

Do you feel God drawing you to something greater?

Do you struggle with worthiness?

Do you think it’s WAY bigger than you?

Does it seem like a crazy idea?

Does it make you excited yet wanna puke at the same time?

Are you gripping about the finances it will take?

Welp….. that’s probably the Holy Spirit showing you that God wants to bless you in some area.

Now is the time to take action.

Forget about what you think it needs to look like, just go, just move, and just do it.

Maybe He is calling you higher into a direction, but it seems a bit overwhelming to learn a new skill set.

Maybe He wants you to dive into the word, so He can download wisdom in your mind and heart daily.

Maybe He wants you to make a business decision, but you are freaking about the money, and He is saying…. INVEST anyway.

Sometimes you gotta jump before your wings are developed, and let God build your wings while you are flying.

This is how you learn to become equipped anyway.

The fastest way to a blessing, is to take action when you can’t see a thing.  That is called FAITH at WORK!

How One Decision Can Bless Your Life

How One Decision Can Bless Your Life

God is moved by faith more than He is by your works.  Your works don’t have to be perfect.  But if you got the faith, He will anoint your works.

And know that it will never be perfect.  You’ll never have everything all together.  It’ll never look the way you want it to look.

Your blessings are on the other side of making a decision, letting go, and taking risks.

Be grateful along the way.

Ask God to anoint your ways daily!  Not just once, but ask everyday!

Call upon His clarity when you have no idea which direction to go.

Ask for wisdom.

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what to do.

I promise you that God completely has your back, if you just surrender your thoughts, and let Him replenish you with His spirit.

All it takes is one decision.

And that one decision can put things in motion, that He has been wanting to bless you with your entire life.

Don’t you think it’s time to receive your blessings?

I believe that if you are reading this…. it’s your TIME to receive everything He has for your life.

It may not all happen at once, but it can create momentum.

One little step, can lead to great places.

You Can, You Will & You Must,

Caity Hunt

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