Having A Victor’s Mentality

Having A Victor’s Mentality

The Wednesday Word July 8th, 2015

Having A Victor’s Mentality


This land will be yours, for The Lord your God will Himself will drive out all the people living there now.  You will take possession of their land, just as The Lord your God promised you.  ~Joshua 23:5

Right now we are in an interesting time and God has been speaking to me so much on just staying focused on producing results and good fruit.

What goes on in this world is not for us to worry, our focus needs to be on Him and staying underneath His umbrella.

It’s pointless to judge and point fingers.  What is important is that we love one another and just do what God wants us to do.

Lately He has been asking me to pray for specific people, and just bless them, even though they are still flirting with darkness and don’t know it.

And trust me….can’t tell you how many times I’ve flirted with darkness knowingly and unknowingly.

He wants His people focused on His goodness.

Judging others is a total waste of time.

He said, Caity…just reach out to them and pray.  Bless them regardless of what and who they are worshipping.

And I’ve learned that even if we are off track with God…His grace is enough to get us back!

There’s nothing any of us have done that can keep us from the love of God, the grace of God and the forgiveness of God.  Absolutely nothing!

His desire is for you to seek Him even in your darkness, even in your sin, even if you have been washed cleaned a thousand times….He says…..”Come to me and I will give you rest”

~Matthew 11:28

But more importantly, He wants you “Having A Victor’s Mentality

He wants you to say, I have the Lord God Almighty on my side, nothing is too hard for Him!

~Jeremiah 32:27

You may be in a place where you have experienced great victory but now you may feel like you are never going to experience it again.

Just like Elijah.  He called down the fire of God and then when the queen threatened to kill him. What does he do?  Elijah runs away.

How can we go from calling down the fire of God and then run away?

Don’t we know that God can protect us from anyone?

No weapon formed against us will succeed!  ~Isaiah 54:17

If you are in Jesus Christ and have received the Holy Spirit, you have power and authority to crush the enemy.  ~Luke 10:19

And what God is saying now is….. Stand on His VICTORY!  He has already won!  Which means you have already won.

Every step you take, He will answer.  But He needs you to take a step in this very moment of your life.  The more uncomfortable you feel….the greater the direction He is taking you.

Fear does not belong in your life only FAITH!

It is FAITH He is moved by, not fear.

He is not calling those who are qualified.  God is calling those He can trust to do the job.  He equips those who are unqualified.

Can’t tell you how many tasks, projects and businesses God has had me run.  Each one I had zero qualifications.  But every time I stepped into the position, I got promoted.  Let me repeat that….Every single time I STEPPED into the position I got promoted!

He says….Just STEP into this position and HE will promote you!

Who cares if you do not feel qualified….He is qualifying you for the position.


There are leaders out there right now who are about to be demoted and God is raising an army of underdogs to fight in HIS STRENGTH!  Because He trusts them!

Are you one of them?

If you have a deep desire to do great things for The Lord and have zero desire for taking all the credit….He is calling you.

He is calling those who will give Him ALL the glory and ALL the recognition.

Not those who want the spot light and want to hog it all.

And listen….I am going to make a disclaimer here.

There are millions of people who have been prophesied over, prayed over, and visions being spoken over people to do mighty things for God.  And you know what?  Many have NOT fulfilled their calling.  Not because they couldn’t do it but because either pride got in the way, or fear took over their spirit.

You can have an amazing call from God and still miss the mark.

I’m not saying this to make us doubt….I’m saying this because that’s how important it is we stay underneath His umbrella.

Just because we have an anointing doesn’t make us better than anyone else.  As a matter of fact, He will hold you more accountable.  And the moment you go way off track, we aboslutely can lose our anointing.  So it’s critical we spend time with Him….daily.

He needs people in charge, standing in power and authority with CONFIDENCE.

The righteous truly are BOLD as a lion.  ~Proverbs 28:1

And He wants us standing in boldness, faith and confidence.

God wants us “Having A Victor’s Mentality

Won’t you take a stand against the lies of the enemy and choose to believe that what’s ahead is greater than your fear?

It’s already won!

We already won!

Stand on this promise and continue to RISE from the ashes!

Fight the good fight of faith!

He has got this and the tasks we have to do are tiny compared to what we think.

The month of July just stay focused on finishing projects.  Come August and Sept, momentum for those who are anointed will gain traction.

Who cares what things look like now.  It may look horrible in your life.

But rest assured….things are moving in the background and He is moving you to greater locations.  The KEY is to STEP into POSITION whether you feel qualified or not!

THAT’S Having A Victor’s Mentality!

You Can, You Will & You Must,

Caity Hunt

p.s.  You know what to do….please comment and share 🙂

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