Go BIG and Go BOLD or Go HOME

Go BIG and Go BOLD or Go HOME

Go BIG and Go BOLD or Go HOME


That moment when you realize nothing can stop you, and all that non-sense of caring what others think?

Yea…. that’s when you start becoming spiritually, physically, and financially free.

Take a good hard look at what stops you from doing what you KNOW you have the ability to do…. you may laugh at first but you might cry as well.

I’ll never forget when I woke up one day so ticked off at everything.  This was probably over 3 years ago.

I mean…. I was facing all kinds of opposition.

Everyone telling me that I have become too spiritual and I needed to keep it to myself.

I said you know what…. screw it!

I’m following God all the way cause I’m not some half friggin baked potato!

If people don’t like it…. I really don’t care.

There are plenty of people that follow God and nobody bothers them.

Go bother yourself and your own issues.

I’m going…. and whoever is with me is with me….

whoever wants to cry on the sidelines about their life….. well that’s their issue.

I’ll be here climbing this mountain and when they are ready to join in, they can join in.

And I’m not doing this for a friggin trophy, or to prove righteousness, perfection or performance…

Awww…. heck nah!

I would have failed a long time ago chasing perfection and performance…..cause last I checked…. I was a heathen.

……I’m doing it because the desire is in me to do so.

Shoot… I’m still trying to break off some non-sense.

And you know what?

I feel the same way today as I did 3-4 years ago except I’ve gotten a little smarter and there is more spiritual warfare. lol!

If people want to jump on board with me, then cool…. if not…. I don’t care.

Cause I’m not going to your average places to do a work for Him.

I’m going to the places that EVERYONE really wants to see!

You know??….. the places you could only imagine.  Places that might freak you out if you heard about it…. but when you experience it in person….
you would LEAP for JOY cause you are finally witnessing the truth!

Instead of all the stories you hear in church… you then see for yourself that it’s going on in the REAL world and not some place that cause you to feel condemned or the opposite…. treated like a spiritual infant.

Come on…. get real people!

The topic of this conversation should be casual in my opinion.

Instead it’s hushed hushed and frowned upon or even criticized.

Do you REALLY think our God is a boring God?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The things we get to witness are awesome!

People go their ENTIRE lives NEVER living out all God called them to do.

Wouldn’t replace any of it for some boring life.

Someone’s gotta do it and God Himself will bring the right people at the right time for SUCH a time as this IF you let Him!

I say… GO BIG and GO BOLD or GO HOME!

That’s where I’m going.

What else do you have going on?
#RealTalk #CanYouHandleTheTruth

The REAL truth will make you say…. YES…. I KNEW there was something bigger out there!

You will jump, scream, laugh, shout for JOY…. when you experience truth… THIS is what it does and THIS is how you are made free!


I hope this blessed you today!


Stay faithful!


Be Bold,

Caity Hunt



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