Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Ears

Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Ears

Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Ears


You know…..developing a relationship with God is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.


However no it hasn’t been easy, nor did it happen over night.


I’ve spent years in study asking questions, reading the bible and just wanting to know who He was and what was His character.


And yes I have learned a lot but there is still so much I still need to learn.


But tuning in with my ears, heart and mind has played a huge role in not just my sanity but with my overall purpose in my life.


You see…..the character of God is very interesting.


Personally I think He is the greatest salesman and His strategies are beyond my comprehension.  You want to talk about a Marketer.  God is an AWESOME marketer! LOL!


And this is what brought me to write this article today.


You see when I began building a business from home 5 years ago it hasn’t been pretty.  It has been one of the biggest challenges of my life.


And one of the biggest reasons is because when I set out to work from home, to stay with my daughter, it’s caused me to make some very costly mistakes.


This is what ultimately led me to come online and make an income from my computer.


I loved the idea of making money online cause I didn’t have to drive anywhere, do any in home presentations, travel all the time….NONE of that.


But one thing you have to be careful of when you do come online is that the internet is EXTREMELY noisy and often times annoying when first starting out.


You can find yourself hopping from product to product, affiliate offer to affiliate offer, training after training, guru after guru and before you know it…you go broke.


And not to say you don’t need some specific tools to help you along the way, cause you will.  But ultimately you gotta get into profit mode not bankrupt mode.


So why am I telling you this today because as you see the heading of this article is Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Ears.


Well one of the things that I try to do my best in, is ask God if he wants me to buy certain products or maybe even partner with someone in business.


And I have screwed this up many times in the past so the reason why I slow down more often is because I grew tired of exhausting myself in certain directions in business that He wasn’t going to bless in the first place.


You see…….there are some characters or I should say fruit you want to look at when you are making a decision.


Ask yourself these questions before you say yes and invest your hard earned dollars in business.


I’m not saying you need to procrastinate and wait on God and take zero action in your business….that’s not what I am saying.


But if you are to make a big decision that is apart of your future or your reputation, ask Him if He wants you to go in certain directions.


You’ll see fruit.


Look at the fruit.


Look at the fruit of your decision.


Are you making the decision because it’s truly going to help you in growing your business?


Is that money you are going to invest, are you doing it out of desperation or are you doing it to invest in your skill set?


When you are offered other business opportunities do you have the cajones to say no and be diligent and faithful with the one you have?  Or have you allowed yourself to fall victim to your own excuses and have you already begun to blame other people as to why you have not succeeded yet.


Also if you are going to represent a product or a service in the marketplace, look at why the company is in business.


Are they in business for the people?  Or are they in business cause they just want to make all the money.


What does the company you are representing do with their money?


Is it just so they can buy expensive houses and fancy cars, or are they really in business so they can give back.


And listen….I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having nice things at all.


But if the person is only in business cause of greed or just to get peoples information to sell them all there seminars, services and products, then you want to think about doing business with that person or representing their product.


What kind of fruit does the company, leader, mentor or person have in their life?


Are they stable?


Can they even run their own home efficiently?


Are they more focused on business than they are their family?


What is their track record?


You see……there are so many things you can tune into within your own spirit to DISCERN which direction you need to go.


Don’t allow it to paralyze you..just pay attention.


And I always say….that if it doesn’t line up with your purpose…..then cut it off!


Something we ALL need to pay attention to.


Cause often times we can get all wrapped up in a direction that we didn’t need to go in the first place.


Be cautious who you allow yourself to listen to.


It can make or break your destiny and what you are assigned here to do.


Human ambition can fool you if you let it.  It can cause you to trip in many areas of your life.  And I know this cause I too have been fooled by my own ambition or the ambition of others.


When it’s DIVINE you will know.


There will be something unique about the decision, there will be a knowing, there will be a bigger purpose to it, it most often is decision that will bless others.


Divine assignments are sometimes given to one person to bless the masses.


Human ambition will fizzle out and most likely destroy itself.


So the next time you are in a place where maybe all hell is breaking loose or you need to make a big decision in your business or in your job…….LOOK at the fruit.


Stop and tune in to your spirit.


Does the decision line up with your goals?


Are you leading a people…..will it help them?


There are many questions to ask yourself.


But always be sure to stay true to who you are and what you are called to do.


When you stand strong in your ‘authentic’ self and not easily swayed to go in multiple directions.  People will respect that about you.


Laying a foundation is what being in business is all about.


You are in business to leave a legacy, or to be with your family, or to travel the world or to make a difference.


Focus on laying THAT foundation and watch the floodgates open to your destiny


Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Ears,


Caity Hunt


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