Focus On What Matters

Focus On What Matters

The Wednesday Word for June 24, 2015

Focus On What Matters


Many of us are guilty for focusing on things that truly do not serve our hearts, our life, our family or our purpose.

On the outside things can look one way, but on the inside we can be battling some serious mindset trash, that keeps us from living a life of joy.

And all it takes is one negative thought to send us into an F-5 tornado of multiple other thoughts, and if we are not careful… this can do some damage in our hearts.  Causing very unhealthy patterns of depression, bitterness, unforgiveness, malice, anger, frustration, and a host of other negative thoughts.

Our minds truly are a beautiful thing.

Whatever you feed your mind will take seed in your heart, and out of the heart the mouth speaks. ~Matthew 15:18

Where is your focus?

Are you focused on everything that can go wrong?

Are you focused on who wronged you in the present or past?

Are you focused on trying to be positive and uplifting, but secretly strugging with a nasty thought pattern?

Where is your focus?

Stop and take a moment to list 3-5 things you think about the most.  Once you list these out, and you are truly honest with yourself, you will now see what you value the most in your life.

It’s a harsh truth but it’s something we all must confront.

We only conquer what we confront.

It might be that you focus on 2 positive things but then 3 very negative things at the same time.

It might all be negative and it might all be positive.  Let’s hope it is all positive 🙂

The reality is…. we all struggle somewhere in our lives.  We all are jacked up. We all need help and we ALL need to master having a healthy mind.

Sometimes when we try to be really positive, we can have these negative emotions, and it’s extremely hard to move forward in life.

What comes out of your mouth….becomes.

It truly takes a tremendous amount of discipline to focus on a healthy thought life.

I know cause I’ve had to fight many many MANY battles in my mind!

We can desire the greatest things in the world, but if our thought life does not line up… we will remain stuck until we master this very skill set.

This is why we must Focus On What Matters.

And what matters most in your life?

A healthy mind.


All the things God has done for you this far.

Yes of course there are other things that matter like providing for our family, increasing our finances, and investing into ourselves so we grow.

But focusing on what you can control, which is your thought life, family and all God has done so far, is the exact thing that’s going to quantum leap you into a much greater life.

This is where we must start.

Feeding our minds with healthy thoughts is what changes our outcome in life.

Focusing on being grateful.

Gratitude is the exact thing that will open up supernatural doors to many blessings.

Having a cruddy attitude and being ungrateful literally shuts the door to heaven.

An ungrateful, unhealthy spirit will keep us stuck.

So the important thing to do is Focus On What Matters.

Todays word is a very simple word.  It doesn’t need much interpretation.

When I began to pray before writing all this…. the Holy Spirit made it very clear.

And what I heard was…. tell my people to Focus On What Matters.  They are allowing negative thought patterns to control their life.  And God wants so much more for you.

He is doing way more than you realize in the background with your life.  You gotta trust!  Don’t let a negative spirit take you down.  God is doing A LOT right now for you!!!!  I can’t stress that enough!

As a matter of fact… we are in a receiving season.  God is moving mightily and many don’t know it because their thought life has dragged them down.  Now is the time to take risks and make that big decision.  You know exactly what He has been showing you to do.  It’s been revealed to you over and over.  And whatever that is…. God says yes.  Go for it!  He is moving in the background for it to happen!

You gotta take a big step friend.

A big step of faith and rise out of the dark cloud in your mind.

Tell Satan ‘Eff U’ and command heaven’s oxygen and joy to be released over you today!  And yes I spelled it differently. lol!

But it’s the truth!

That’s what I’m releasing over this word!

I’m asking God to fill you up with so much of heaven, your mind is going to be FILLED with His thoughts.  And that you finally begin to gain some momentum towards your dreams.

Nobody deserves to be in a prison of negative thoughts.

You have way too much to accomplish here on earth to receive anything less than God’s will for your life.

Take a stand and Focus On What Matters.

Feed your mind healthy thoughts.

Go workout.

Spend some time with you.

Give yourself permission to say say YES when everyone else says no.

Feed your spirit.

Give yourself the gift of life by speaking LIFE over yourself.

You deserve it….. and it’s time to conquer your thoughts.

You Can, You Will & You Must.

Focus 😉

Caity Hunt

p.s.  You know what to do… comment below and share.  Sharing is caring.  Somebody needs this simple message today.  

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