Fight For Your Blessings

Fight For Your Blessings

The Wednesday Word – July 15th, 2015

Fight For Your Blessings


Dreams, Visions and Spiritual Words are at a all time high right now.  If you are in tune to the spiritual realm….there is so much activity going on it’s crazy but awesome at the same time.

God has always been talking to His people but if you can hear His voice, you are most likely getting multiple messages.

There is a shift going on and it’s time for many people to birth the purpose that was called for their life.

Right now I’m in my second trimester of a pregnancy that I have been praying for….for years.  I have prayed for another baby for so long, that there were many moments that I didn’t believe it was going to happen.

My husband is ten years older than me and he is fully happy with my step-daughter and our daughter that we have together.  And yes…I am very grateful for my family, but this desire to have another baby has been strong for years.

I used to pray to God to send this desire away.  And the more I prayed for Him to take the desire away, the more the desire grew in my heart.

Everyday it would wear on me.  A secret that I had between me and God.  A secret that frustrated me, wore me down and caused emotions that brought me pain.  Which in reality…… should of brought thoughts of joy.

Cause when most people think about having more children, it’s a time in their life where they celebrate.  But with my husband and I, it was a struggle.

My husband was content….I on the other hand…was not content.

Then after 2 miscarriages….I would cry out to God….. “Why is this desire to have a baby in my heart, but this keeps happening?”

But once again…the desire would grow stronger.

Why does it seem we have to go through so much pain, in order to receive promises and blessings over our lives?

My personal belief is that what we have to fight through the most, are the area’s in our lives we will be the most blessed.

If we struggle with finances, that’s the area we have to fight the hardest to be the most blessed.  If we struggle in relationships, that’s the area we must focus on to have harmony with other people.  If we struggle with career…that’s the area we must invest into ourselves until we have mastered skill sets.

Whatever our struggle….if we fight the hardest, we will own the territory.

And that’s something which hit my spirit hard while writing.  Every step you take, God is going to give you possession of that land.  But the key is to STEP.

I’ve learned that God does not hand anything to us, we must earn everything in order for Him to give us possession. He has gotta trust you.

But often times many of us do invest into ourselves, but then we won’t take possession of the land.  Either because of pure stubborness or we lack the courage.

We won’t take those critical steps in order to take possession of our blessings.

God is saying….”Take a step and watch me give you more authority and territory.”

You have the skills, you have the ability… you may not be the most qualified but He is going to give YOU the favor.  All you gotta do is step into position.

Listen…. you gotta Fight For Your Blessings.

You gotta take authority over the land God wants you to have, in order to do all that is in your heart to do.

Fight For Your Blessings

So far everything has been going perfectly with this pregnancy.  Ultrasound was healthy, my health is good and everything is moving along.  I feel a stronger protection over this baby than I did the other two pregnancies.

Why is that?

Well…first of all…..I decided to stop striving in one direction and start fighting for the promises over my life.

And since the desire to have a baby would not go away….. I went to town in prayer with God.  I said, “God if you want me to have a baby… you either change my husbands heart or you change my heart”  If we are meant to be together and this is your will for my life…then you are going to change someone’s heart.

When you want answers in prayer……. do not hesitate to ask with boldness.  God loves boldness.

Within 48 hours of that prayer…my husband came home from a trip and said… Let’s have a baby.

Knowing what you want and knowing what God wants for you, definitely helps when asking with confidence through prayer.

So what is it that you want for your life but you have lost your fight?

Or maybe you are fighting but feel like you are losing the battle.

What area’s do you struggle the most with in your life?

What are your biggest fears?

What is your biggest pain?

If you can answer those questions clearly……then most likely you have your answer to where God is showing you to fight.  He is showing you to step in a righteous boldness and ASK Him to move!
Fight For Your Blessings

Sometimes God wants you to fight not just for you, but for your future generations.

He may have something for your children that’s GREATER than what He has for you.  And this isn’t to discourage you, (cause we all want to believe that He wants to bless us greater than most 🙂 ; this is to let you know that your blessed life is because He wants to bless your children even greater.

If you have lost your fight, start fighting for your future.  Start fighting for your children.  Start fighting for the next generation.  Fight For Your Blessings.

God wants to bless you to the moon and back!

Two important messages He showed me.

1.  Step Into Position and watch Him give you territory.  But the KEY is to STEP!

2.  The pain you are experiencing now is a part of your present and future generational blessings.  Are you willing to go through a lot of pain WHILE receiving your blessings?

You are fighting for whats ahead, and if you don’t stop, you are going to give BIRTH to your promise!

Right now I am pregnant.

And we can both agree that I can’t be kinda pregnant.  You are either pregnant or not pregnant right?

God is saying the same thing.  You are pregnant with purpose and there is nothing you can do about it!  You can’t push during labor and not eventually give birth.  You have GOT to give birth!  It’s going to be painful….but God is by your side every step of the way.

You are not kinda going to be able to do this….you ARE going to do complete your mission!

What’s in you is a business, a ministry, a baby, a nation, a promise, a gift, a talent, a family, a marriage, an idea.  It’s not kinda in you…it’s IN YOU!  He CALLED you to give BIRTH to your promise!

He called you to Fight For Your Blessings.

And that’s what you must do.

Fight For Your Blessings

You Can, You Will & You Must!

You got it in you!

Prepare the nursery 😉


Caity Hunt

p.s.  If this word speaks to you or if you think it will speak to someone else, feel free to comment or share 🙂  

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