Feel Like Your Life Is Standing Still?

Feel Like Your Life Is Standing Still?

The Wednesday Word – June 3rd, 2015

Feel Like Your Life Is Standing Still?

Often times in life we go through seasons where we feel like life is standing still.

We can be plugging away and plugging away but yet feel like we are going nowhere.

Or maybe we are making progress, just not the level you expected at this time in your life.

We have big dreams and big desires but still haven’t accomplished what we feel in our heart to do.

I’ve learned that when life feels like you are standing still, God is trying to get your attention.

He doesn’t want you to be worried about this or that, He doesn’t want you all worked up about how your life is going to work out.  He just wants you to be still long enough to hear what He is telling you.

I truly believe right now many of us are in a season of rest.  And with this being the Shemitah year (Leviticus 25) – which is The Sabbath Year…. the year of rest.  For an entire year, every 7 years years, God commands those who serve Him to rest.

And that’s what I have personally been doing this year.

This year we became completely debt free.  And even though I walked through a second miscarriage, skin cancer, an infection in my mouth, my Mom going through kidney failure, my brother going through another brain tumor surgery, and building out another business…. God completely saw my family through.  Paid off all our debt and has given me the peace in my heart to just rest.

I haven’t felt pressed to overwork myself or take on too many clients cause my body is still resting.  And the Shemitah year doesn’t end until Sept 13th, 2015.  So if you feel like your life is standing still…. its not.  God is preparing many of us for our next season.  He wants us resting before we go back into momentum.  We need our strength, our rest and most importantly, we need to be listening to what He is telling us to do.

And when I mean rest, I don’t mean that you are not doing anything.  What I mean is that you are listening, being more obedient to what He is saying.  If you stop to hear, He is giving ideas He wants you to act on now, so once the year of rest is over…. you’ll be in full momentum.

He is showing you how to be more strategic in business, in your relationships and bringing the right people together to accomplish the Kingdom mission.

Now is the time to start branding yourself, getting your story together, acting on ideas you’ve had for a long time, taking action towards things that once intimidated you.  But now you are in a more confident place to complete the task.

This season is different because you are different.

You’ve grown and you are starting to get that life doesn’t build your dreams on their own, you’ve got to work at it with every little step.

Life is not standing still, you are right smack in the middle, exactly where you are called!

God doesn’t want you running all around the place, He wants you focused in one area maybe two.

Rest means…… not freaking out.  Rest means you need to be more strategic!

Rest means: Invest into directions so you can bypass learning curves instead of thinking you have to do everything yourself.  That is big ego.  Ego says, I’ll do everything in my own strength.  And God can’t work through you if you are doing all the work.

You need to start acting on all those things you’ve wanted to do.

If you stop to pay attention to what He is telling you, He is and will be increasing your skill set to promote you to the next level.

And this promotion is not just for you…. it’s for all the people you are going to impact along the way.

I really hear in my spirit that this next season in your life will last for a long time.  And if you are smart, you will be able to build the biggest next egg EVER!

BUT…. you must stop and hear what He is saying.

You must take the time, invest into mentorship, find people who can help you, and put all your resources into building your dreams.

Now is not the time to be stingy.  And I don’t mean keeping everything to yourself.  I mean being stingy with not doing anything.  There are people counting on you to become everything God has ordained you to become.  Holding back will just delay your purpose.

Rest, listen, ask for wisdom, let the holy spirit guide you, and watch how He brings the plans together.

You will be taking more strategic risks.  However you will also be in a territory that is YOUR territory.  You won’t feel threatened.  You might face some fear, but if you stand your ground…. No weapon formed against you shall prevail.

This is your season IF you take the time to hear what He is saying.

If you are making strategic decisions and listening to Him but also experiencing tremendous spiritual warfare….. It means you are on the right track.

You have got to fight through this shift.

Rest…. but be sure to stand on Jude 1:9 “But when the archangel Michael, contending with the devil, was disputing about the body of Moses, he did not presume to pronounce a blasphemous judgment, but said, “The Lord rebuke you.”

What does this mean?

Well it means that even the Archangel Michael didn’t rebuke the devil, He said The Lord rebukes you.  So stand on this scripture and let the Lord rebuke the opposition out of your life.  Ask for Him to rebuke all the warfare you are facing!  Ask Him to renew your mind.  Get rid of any old mindsets.  It’s time for a completely restored mind.  Good thoughts, healthy thoughts and thoughts that come from heaven.  You ain’t got time to think about other peoples junk or your old junk… the only thing you should have time for is resting, listening and taking action in the areas He is showing you.

And many of you just need to take an action.  Step out and do something bold and a little loco 😉  Now is the time to stand out, be ridiculous and be different.  Now is the time to really let loose on who you are!

No holding back!  No being stingy!

And don’t be ashamed of your story.  It was designed to inspire and break others free!

The world is ready for you…. all you gotta do is JUMP!

I’m cheering you on all the way!

And if you need a coach or an online coach to finally get your message out to the world…. then apply to get in my schedule.

I have a waiting list but God is showing me to help His people.  He is showing me that freedom exists if you just take a chance!

Now is the time to make long term decisions that will lead to lasting results.

It’s all in you to share.

And one of the greatest signs of breakthrough is frustration, depression, stress, fear or exhaustion. Often times these emotions arise cause we are ready to truly give what’s in our hearts to give to the world.   We are ready for the bigger steps.

It gets real dark before the breakthrough shift… so hang on, press in and give God your battles.

The world needs you and you need the world!

So know that this season is not that you are standing still, and it may feel like it, it’s more of a season for you to listen and make strategic decisions.

Feel Like Your Life Is Standing Still?

Then Rest, Listen, Take Action and Repeat.

You Can, You Will & You Must!

Cheering you on,

Caity Hunt

p.s.  Don’t forget to share is this blessed you and leave a comment below 🙂

Feel Like Your Life Is Standing Still



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