Equip Yourself To Become You

Equip Yourself To Become You

The Wednesday Word – April 8, 2015


Equip Yourself To Become You

One of the biggest battles a person will face is trying to find out who they are and what purpose they have here on planet earth. Everyone wants to find their identity or understand their mission and assignments.

Every single one of us has gifts and talents that we are called to share with the world, and it’s critical to Equip Yourself To Become You.

Take for example actors and actresses.  They take on roles to EQUIP themselves to become a character in a movie or play so they can what???…… so they can BECOME the outcome of the script. It’s no different when it comes to understanding who we are as a person.

We are given life and in return it’s our responsibility to become the best version of ourselves to be a GIFT to the world.

It’s your duty to Equip Yourself To Become You.

But you know what…. LIFE happens along the way and can cause so many challenges, distractions, heartache, pain, torment, depression, vices and a host of obstacles.

Life can get in the way of becoming who we are called to be, if we let it.

Many people will ask me what they are called to do or what their purpose is or where they need to be focused.

My response:  Your focus should be on asking God who you are called to become.

And it may not look like what you think it’s going to look like cause God has called us to where many hats.

We have the God Hat, Parent Hat, Friend Hat, Spouse Hat, Job Hat, Business Owner Hat, Workout Hat, Entrepreneur Hat, Passion Hat, Fun Hat, Get In Trouble Hat (jk LOL!), Laugh Hat….. you get my point?

We have ‘Hats’ that we are called to equip ourselves with and let all the other nonsense go.  Cause becoming the best version of you is the focus, everything else is just noise.

Some days we get to do the things we want, some days totally suck and we want to wear a different hat.

But there is a responsibility we all carry and that is to discipline ourselves to wear these hats.

This is one version I believe your lifes purpose may look like:

We all have dreams.  And we want to fulfill these dreams.  But along the way life happens right?  And then when thistles (weeds) come and try to choke out our dream.  Often times our first instinct is to run to the hat we are comfortable with, instead of the new hat we are called to be equipped in, and increase our skill sets.

Maybe we run to the God Hat because our God Hat is our safety hat.  Or we stay in the Parent Hat cause that’s the only identity we know, or maybe we just want to wear the Entrepreneur Hat cause everything else is boring.

You know……..the hat we run to……., so we can forget lifes challenges and worries.

But often times when we are getting choked from life obstacles, we may freak out and focus on the problem, as opposed to facing the responsibility head on.

However when the trials wear us down, many tend to give up, quit or put on a familiar hat, to hide from who we are to become.

Why can I talk about this?

Because…..I’ve been here soooooooo many times.

It completely stinks…. and many times I have hidden under other hats, so I didn’t have to face THE HAT, which is the ‘hat’ that’s supposed to equip me to become all that God called me to be.  And call you to be.

Are you following me here?

You have a gift or talent that the world is destined to receive.  Why is it only few truly accomplish their lifes assignment?

Is it because we are hiding under the other hats so we don’t have to face the uncertainty of ourselves?

Maybe we are afraid of how powerful we can truly be.

Maybe becoming ourselves is the hardest thing to face but it’s easier to wear the other hats.

Whatever the reason it doesn’t change the fact that in order to Equip Yourself To Become You and share your gifts with the world…. you have to ask these questions.

Who are you called to become?

Who are you called to help?

Who are you called to serve?

Who are you called to laugh with or have fun with?

Who are you called to lock arms with?

Are you called to business?

Are you called to serve a company?

Are you CALLED to change the world?

You see…. asking yourself these questions are important for you to face head on if you truly want to become all that you are destined to be for God.

Cause the truth is….. you don’t need to be focused in a hundred different directions, you are supposed to Equip Yourself To Become You and that’s it.

Your responsibility is to be equipped to wear certain hats, so you can be the best version of yourself.

You don’t need to be taking on all these other tasks or projects that stress you out.  Your responsibility may be that you need to focus on your family, until you master this skill set. Cause it takes SKILLS to be a good parent or spouse.

You must be equipped in order to lay a solid foundation, so their is harmony and not chaos in your home.

Listen ….we all have a dream.  And many of us want to chase those dreams all the way to the bank. lol!

And there is nothing wrong with having a dream, desiring to make a lot of money and living a life with more.

However….if you are not equipped in all areas of your life, the likelyhood of you maintaining a glorious life is very slim.

We must gain the skill sets and take full responsibility if we truly want to live a life of freedom.

Would you hand your 7 year old the keys to your car and say….”Here you go…take it for a drive?”

NO…of course you wouldn’t. Why? Cause they ain’t ready to drive a car!

So often times we want something before we have become the person to have what we desire.

Ask yourself…… who do you have to BECOME in order to receive what you desire?

Equip Yourself To Become You first….. then start adding on more and more to do tasks for your dream.

And yes…….. this is something I ask myself a lot…. and every time I do….God shows me.

And if I’m not on track to become that person, I drop all projects I’m doing, to BECOME what He is showing me to become.

You know why I drop everything? Cause none of what I am doing is going to get me where I want to go UNLESS I FACE, head on, putting on the hat I was running from, to BECOME that person.

Who do you need to become?

Do you need to become an honoring wife?

Do you need to become a better friend?

Do you need to become a mature business owner?

Do you need to have stronger character of an entrepreneur?

Do you need to smile more?

Do you need to give more?

Do you need to receive more?

You see….. asking yourself all these questions is apart of your journey in life.

Maybe this is a financial message for many of you, where you need to ask yourself….. who do I need to become in order to handle a larger income?

***Lord knows I’ve been there! hah! 🙂

Having questions means HE is guiding you, showing you and how much He BELIEVES in you.

He wants you to ask questions. He wants you to be curious. He wants you to Equip Yourself To Become You so you step into the call that’s on your life!

You have gifts, talents, a smile, joy, laughter, a unique way of doing things that nobody else can do but YOU!

And God desires to walk side by side with you, showing you everything you are destined to become.

He will teach you how to equip yourself, but you will have to discipline yourself along the way.

Now does this mean you can’t have fun and live an adventurous life…..absolutely not! God wants you to have fun!

God is a risk taker, a world shaker and a history maker…. and He is calling many of you to be just as BOLD!

Not in your strength, but in His.

Many are called friend….. and I believe that if you really hear this message today, your spirit will start asking questions.

Who are you called to become in this moment, so you can keep growing to new levels each day, week and year.

That whisper inside of your heart… listen to it…… there is a destiny so big on your life…… and it’s time to Equip Yourself To Become You.

And remember….. if their is a desire so deep to become, or to do a certain something in your life… that means it was designed from the very beginning.

You already have it in you to BECOME.


You Can, You Will & You Must!

With love,

Caity Hunt

p.s.  Did this bless you today?  Please be a friend and share if you know this can help anyone 🙂

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