Choosing To Leave A Legacy Behind

Choosing To Leave A Legacy Behind

Over 7 years ago I started on a quest to change the world after I had lost a brother to a drug overdose.


And my brother was someone who meant the world to me!  Losing him so early sent me on one crazy journey!


I had no idea what this journey was going to look like….but DAMMIT….I was on a mission!


And this mission has beat me down every single day. I’ve gone through unemployment, debt, business loss, nervous breakdowns, Lawsuits, horrific audits, did I mention business loss 🙂


Man….so much I have walked through and never even blinked an eye cause there was a time in my life where I thought suffering was all I knew how to do.


You see I used to run Health Clubs for many years.  Personal Trainer for 20 years.

I worked endless hours day in and day out 7 days a week.  I even used to compete in figure competitions so that added another full-time job as an athlete.


But I always knew I wanted to do something greater than myself.  I didn’t feel as if working in the gyms 16 hours a day was a way of life.  Especially after becoming a mom and having my daughter in daycare 60-70 a week.


So I shifted into working for myself in 2009 and it hasn’t been pretty every single day.


So I began asking myself…….


Why am I here? Why are you here?


There are 12 things every person truly wants to know in life and trust me when I tell you this……YOU WANT TO FULFILL THIS MISSION!


1. Lineage – You got to know where you come from

2. Heritage – What you were born into

3. Identity – Who you are

4. Purpose – Why you were born

5. Destiny – Where you should be going

6. Vision – How do you plan to get there

7. Assignment – What on earth should you be doing when you get there

8. Relationships – Who you should be doing it with

9. Time and Seasons – When you should be doing it

10. Strategy – How you should be doing it

11. Resources – With what you should you be doing it

12. Legacy – What are you leaving behind


What you are leaving behind? Do you even know?


My VISION is clear


I began on a journey years ago and got knocked down numerous times….


NOT because I couldn’t handle it….but because I could.


And it has come to this moment in my life where I feel most equipped to step up and step out not because I’m someone special but because I cannot abort this mission.


My brother left behind a legacy WAY before his time.


I am now going to pick up the baton and k e e p m o v i n g f o r w a r d.


Not because I need to prove anything to anyone…




I am going to do it so I can break off every flippin curse in my bloodline! I say NO to poverty! I say NO to lack! I say NO to oppression! I say NO to depression! I say NO to debt! I say NO to failure!


I am on a mission!


The only thing that comes out my mouth is YES!!!!!!


My DADDY can do that an that an that an that an that an that and THAT!


I am here to leave a LEGACY! I am here to change the world! I am a child of the MOST HIGH God and according to His word….NOTHING is too hard for HIM!


And I chose the vehicle I am currently in to announce to the world that this girl is on a mission to set the captives free!  I’m here to help you be set free!  Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and Financially!


Are you ready to walk in the freedom that was designed and destined in your life?


It’s ready when you are!


Click here to find out <=====




I miss my brother everyday.


He always wanted to do something BIG together! This is for you bro! Love you!


My mission?  To help you CRUSH debt and empower others to live a life of freedom!


So are you in or are you IN?


Get in here <——-

Let’s ROCK this movement together!

To your success,

Caity Hunt



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