Be Still

Be Still


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks as I shut everything down, while once again life has a way of humbling you.

As I was looking out into the water today…. This is what I kept hearing…. Be still.

There is nothing you need to do except just be still and wait.
We have a tendency in this world to make our own plans. And although the plans may be good, are they the plans destined.
As many people spend time with family or all by themselves, life is happening all around the world.

Great memories are being made, and then you have those whose plans for great memories have been interrupted with great pain.
Those who are facing hardships, very rough times or even those who are prospering in every area of their life as we speak…… I still keep hearing….. Be still.

There are those making plans and then I (God) have THE plan.
And it’s THE plan that will spit you to the mountaintop if you choose to obey, rest and be still for the next year.

The plans my people make on their own are not bad plans, they are just not my plan.

The reason my people worry, strive, push, prove, look for recognition and approval cause they are not following MY plan.

My (God) plan gives you peace and rest, your plans bring you chaos and distraction.

So if you are facing major hardships at the moment or secretly worried behind the scenes that it’s not Gods plan you are following, then now is the time to be still.

Now is a time to truly put God in first place, spouse in second, family third and work last.

Quit making all these plans to conquer the world cause there is nothing you can plan that’s bigger than THE plan.

HIS plan.

Do yourself and Him a favor and Be Still.

Don’t worry about money, a job, a business, your career, your reputation or what your website needs to look like…Nothing.


Take time for Me (God) and put family first and watch what I (God) do in your life.

As a matter of fact…. Take your plans and submit them to Me (God) and see what I do with them.

You’ll either get a yay or nay. If it’s a nay…. Then take some time or even the next year to do nothing, spend time with Him and be still.
You have two choices…. Continue to exhaust yourself down a road that’s not even THE plan even though it may seem like a great idea….

Or you can take the time to BE STILL and watch what He does in your life.

Choose to be still.

Father I pray for everyone reading this message. I pray that they find what they need to hear your voice inside of their hearts. I pray you bring them great peace Father and release them into the secret place so they can be still in you. Father I pray that if they are facing a rough time or great pain, that you fill them with your spirit where they are barren.

Father only you have the ability to fill the void where others or life have shattered us to pieces.

Father we need your supernatural heavenly love during this time in our lives.

I pray you give us the courage to let go of what doesn’t need to be in our life and give us the desire to seek that which should BE!
Father we need you now more than ever.

Soften our Hearts to receive you in a deep tangible way that brings us healing in every area of our life.

And Father we thank you that all we have to do is ask… And you are there.

In Jesus name.

And know that someone in the world that doesn’t even know you, is praying for you.

In Faith,




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