Are You Willing To Sacrifice Everything For God

Are You Willing To Sacrifice Everything For God

Are You Willing To Sacrifice Everything For God?


This blog will not be popular but it’s the truth.


So many of us pray to God and ask Him to do great things for us or help us find our will in Him.


And it is so awesome spending time with Him.


He refreshes you, loves on you and if you are willing to consecrate yourself daily…. He will cover you in His forgiveness and protection.


Cause the truth is….. so many of us are loaded with sin and don’t even know it.


Anything that exults itself higher than God in your life, is sin.


And I have spent a TON of time asking God to show me what exults itself higher in my life than Him.


Let’s just say I got humbled…. real quick.


So the further you want to grow in God…. the more He is going to expect of you.  You will truly have to die to your flesh daily.


If you are asking for His will…. you will have to sacrifice yourself every single day.


Seeking Him and being with Him can be blissful some days and down right challenging the next.

Have you noticed that some prayers get answered in your life and some don’t?


Have you noticed that some prayers have an anointing on them and some don’t?


You have to ask yourself why?


Well…. it could be the fact that their was no anointing with the prayer, or it could be that there is something that must change in us first before it gets answered or it could be that He doesn’t want that for our life.


If you ask for His will…… He may shut doors and open doors that you don’t want to walk through.


But my point…. and you can seek truth for yourself with what I’m talking about.  Ask Him…. God do I need to die to my flesh daily in order to truly fulfill the will you have on my life?


Let me tell you….. lately has been the greatest spiritual warfare I’ve ever faced in my life.


I’ve even asked Him to take some of it away.

Not once has he taken it away…. all He would tell me to do was praise Him.


And you know what God told me to do?


He said that I must walk through the fire.


That I must come up higher.


I gotta let Him strip me of every last bit of things I wrestle with daily.


He didn’t say…. Oh poor baby…. let me take that away from you.


No…. not at all.  God will give you the ‘grace’ but if you truly want to fulfill the will on your life…. it’s going to be uncomfortable.


So you got to die to your flesh daily.

Every single day.



Submitting means that you let go of what you think you desire for your life… and allow God to consecrate into His will.


Honestly…. I’ve got a ways to grow.


But I’m ready to go higher.


I’m willing to sacrifice everything.


Are you truly willing to sacrifice everything for God?


Cause this is the reality.


Are you ready to come up higher in Him?


He desires a humanly encounter far greater than we desire a God encounter.


I don’t know about you….. but I’m ready for a God encounter.



Are You Willing To Sacrifice Everything For God?


Always be a blessing,

Caity Hunt



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