A New Level Of Belief

A New Level Of Belief

The Wednesday Word June 17th, 2015

A New Level Of Belief

Lately I have been getting some very vivid dreams.  So strong and so specific, it’s been helping me guide my decisions lately with a project I am almost finished building for the home business industry.

You see….. God is talking to his people, especially through dreams and visions right now.  I know I’m not the only one… and if you pay attention, it too can help you make decisions throughout your day.

Now some people have a hard time understanding their dreams and that’s normal.  And I am not a dream intepreter….. I just recall my dreams and ask the holy spirit what it’s all about, and he reveals it to me.  That is the only way I know how to interpret dreams or visions.

The other day I had a vision within a dream.  There was a person standing right beside me and all I could see is their chest.  I looked straight at this chest and a hand came out of their heart reaching for me.

It was so real…. I went to go grab the hand, as if to hold it gently, and it moved back into the chest wanting me to follow it.

Then I woke up.

I immediately asked the holy spirit what that was all about and instantly I began to hear so much.  The Holy Spirit made it clear to tell others about this revelation.

The message was this:  My people need a helping hand with their hearts when it comes to truth.  Many people still receive gobs of lies inside their head from the enemy.  They don’t believe in themselves.  They believe in Me (Jesus) but they don’t believe in themselves.  And it’s because their hearts are misguided.  They need a helping hand with their hearts.

They need to know that love, courage, truth and everything I (Jesus) represent is in their hearts.  If they would take my hand and just follow me and fight off the lies in their heads…. I have so much for them to accomplish right now.

The hand is also a sign that you are becoming more self aware of yourself, that you are taking self control of your life, and the heart represents how you are dealing with truth, courage and love.  But it also represents Jesus unconditional love for you.

You are aware that He is truth, but there is a disconnect when it comes to you accomplishing what’s in YOUR heart to do.

Jesus wants to give you a helping hand to show you a new level of belief.  But He is also revealing to me that you do not need to be afraid of making decisions right now.  Especially when it comes to applying what’s in your heart and investing money.

Many of you don’t believe in yourself cause you don’t have the money in your hands at the moment.  So it’s making you not believe in your heart.  Which is a HUGE strategy of the enemy.  Satan wants you to worry about money so you bow down to unbelief.  Then all you do is struggle everyday.

It’s NON-SENSE and a total lie from the pit of hell!

What you have in YOU is so much bigger than you could ever imagine.

All that has been prophesied over many of you…. it’s even BIGGER than that!

Let Him give you a helping hand with your heart.  Today take the time and just dive into Jesus’s heart and let Him show you the truth about yourself.

Ask Him to just totally show off and reveal Himself in a mighty way between you and Him.

You don’t need some prophet, or a church service, or to be around other anointed people of God.  You don’t need any of that, at the moment.  You just need YOU, JESUS & THE HOLY SPIRIT!

That is the word for you today.

Unbelief has GOT TO GO!

It’s not only time to side step the enemy…. it’s time to score touchdowns in his face!

Satan is a liar and doesn’t deserve anymore attention in your life.

Your heart has the ability to help a lot of hands and you are needed friend.

The world needs YOU to rise up from your ashes, break off those lies, receive in your heart HEAVEN’S ‘belief’ for your life and stand in the power, anointing and authority God has given us.

This is your time to receive A New Level Of Belief!

When you BELIEVE you begin to SEE and when you begin to see, you begin to accomplish.

Today I challenge you to ask for A New Level Of Belief from Heaven!

Allow heaven to take your hand, help you with your heart, and let Jesus wreck you with his love, courage and truth.

I got a word from a highly anointed brother friend of mine.  He has been such a vessel and a light in my life.  The other day He text me saying that many of us warriors are in a receiving season and many do not know it.  So now is the time to really ask for some back up and get moving.  God is giving, heaven is always moving and it’s time to become AWARE of how He wants to help you.

I truly believe that the vision I received with the heart and the hand was this message right here.

It’s BIGGER than you think!

What you have in you is bigger than you think!

It’s time to BELIEVE!

Just believe!

You Can, You Will & You Must!

Caity Hunt

p.s.  You know what to do… comment and share this message.  It could save a soul!

A New Level Of Belief



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