3 Business Decision Making Principles That Save Time, Money And Headaches

3 Business Decision Making Principles That Save Time, Money And Headaches

“3 Business Decision Making Principles That Save Time, Money And Headaches”

Ok so I’ve made some MAJOR mistakes over the years and what I’m going to talk about today has saved me thousands and thousands of dollars.  Just by taking the time to figure out what stays and what goes in making business decisions.

Principle 1.  If it doesn’t align with my values, it’s gots to go.

Now this should seem simple but you would be SHOCKED at how so many people make decisions that do not align with their values just to make money.

If it doesn’t align with your heart, kick it out of your life.

Trust me, this will save you tons of time.

To build a solid business that is ethical and has integrity takes time.  When we compromise our values you’ll exhaust yourself into your grave and regret every decision.

If you know in your heart you shouldn’t do it, don’t.

Even if later down the road you find out that you do need to make a certain decision and you are wrong, it’s better to follow your gut, than it is to regret it later.  Maybe you weren’t ready for that decision but 6 months later you are.

Following this advice can help you grow your business exactly how it was destined for your life.

Principle 2.  Get rid of all toxic people and situations.

Listen….. even if those closest to you are toxic, you still gotta find a way to rid yourself of their negativity.

Most people don’t like it when you start a business.

Many people want you to fail.

But if you stay away mentally from these people, it will save you lots of headaches.

Also if I want to make a certain decision and go in a certain direction and there is lots of negativity from people in that direction, I take heed and listen to discernment.

They can save the drama from this mama.

I ain’t got time for other peoples stuff.

If it’s a toxic environment, I do not enter those gates. Ya feel me?

It’s that simple, I just don’t.

I used to find myself around people who could help me make a lot of money, but all they caused was drama everywhere they went.  And even though they can be great people and maybe just not their best that day, sorry…. this mama doesn’t have time.

Life is way too short.

Principle 3.  If it doesn’t help me at that time, I don’t buy it.

Listen friend… this ONE principle can save you THOUSANDS or even MILLIONS according to how big of a business entrepreneur you set out to be.

If I’m making a buying decision it must help me at that very moment.  If it does not help me at that very moment, then I don’t buy it.

This can help you make some of the quickest decisions ever, and you are hearing this coming from a marketer.

Don’t buy it if it doesn’t help you 🙂

If you take heed to this advice, I promise it saves you time, money and headaches.

3 Business Decision Making Principles That Save Time, Money, And Headaches

Remember that building a long term healthy business requires you to lay a solid foundation.

And in order to lay a solid foundation it must be built on values.

You gotta be in this for the long haul…..period.

Be blessed today and know that I believe in you.

If you are building your dream business, don’t ever stop!

You Can, You Will & You Must!

Caity Hunt

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3 Business Decision Making Principles That Save Time, Money & Headaches



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